Top 20 UK and EU Artificial Intelligence Startups To Look Out For in 2024

The rise of artificial intelligence has allowed many different opportunities as much as the challenges we see in tech. One major use of artificial intelligence outside of just ChatGPT is within startup businesses. The UK is filled with startups that make use of the tool, either integrated into their platforms or as the primary tool of the business operations. Below are 10 interesting startups that embody the use of AI.




IDVerse helps businesses quickly scale globally. Our fully-automated solution verifies new users in seconds with just their face and smartphone—in over 220 countries and territories with any ID document—without the burden of human intervention.

We empower true identity for people around the world. Through our Zero Bias AI™ tested technology, we are pioneering the use of generative AI to train deep neural network systems to protect against discrimination on the basis of race, age and gender. We are the first company to achieve 99.99% accuracy in independent lab testing.

Our advancements in Natural Vision Processing (NVP) are enabling machines to autonomously see and perceive as humans and excel in ways that humans cannot.

IDVerse is trusted by startups, governments, and global enterprises, including HSBC, Vodafone, BMW, Virgin Money, and ANZ, for borderless and inclusive identity verification. Founded in Australia in 2018, IDVerse is a Series B venture-backed company with headquarters in London and offices in North America, Asia and Europe.

Magic AI


The UK’s first AI Personal Trainer that helps people get personally trained by the world’s best athletes in their own home. The company, founded in 2021 and which is now valued at $8 million, uses cutting-edge holographic technology to offer an immersive fitness experience. Magic AI has raised impressive funding to launch their business, including early-stage support from Richard Branson’s own Virgin StartUp, Virgin’s home of entrepreneurship.

Celebrity athletes and sports stars appear as a hologram inside MAGIC’s AI wall mirror. MAGIC’s proprietary Reflect AI technology makes the experience truly unique with vision body tracking. An embedded camera in the system tracks your movements, offers instant feedback on your form, and tells you to adjust your position as needed. The trainer even counts your reps in real-time, pauses when you do, shares form correction and weights guidance – giving a fully hyper-personalised workout.


Founded in 2018, is a technology solution for the insurance industry that has partnered with some of the world’s major insurance companies and TPAs. With the vision to make every claim better, uses ground-breaking AI and data-led products to enable insurers to make every claim easy, fast and accurate. Extracting and enhancing relevant claims data, cross-checking this with policies and providing a philosophy-driven adjudication to conclude a claim in near real-time. This provides claims handlers with time to spend with customers, where human touch and empathy can make a real difference.’s technology processes relevant claims data at a 98% accuracy rate average, sifting through unstructured data and cross-checking policies to conclude a claim in the shortest time possible, providing claims handlers with more time to spend with customers. By reducing the time it takes to process claims, with 50%+ settled in minutes and the majority in less than 24 hours,’s plug-and-play solution increases operational efficiency without the high IT transformation expenses. can even deliver this accuracy and efficiency when processing character-based languages that are typically complex for AI to learn, including Japanese.

Venture Planner



Venture Planner, created by Alex Clansey and Nicola McKenzie, revolutionises business planning with its AI-driven platform. Tailored for start-ups, entrepreneurs and ‘dreamers’ – it streamlines business planning using advanced AI, increasing efficiency and success probability, distinguishing itself from traditional methods.

The software analyses extensive user data and AI knowledge to offer strategic insights and formulate comprehensive business plans, overcoming common entrepreneurial challenges like self-doubt and unfamiliarity with business terminology.

The platform empowers startups with market understanding, reducing failure fears and enhancing success chances. It automates financial forecasting, producing precise, industry-tailored financial statements and projections.

Venture Planner includes over 50 detailed surveys on various business aspects, combining traditional and AI-generated questions. It also offers a collaborative workspace for team-based plan development and refinement, ensuring collective vision and strategy alignment.

Permutable AI


Permutable AI offers pioneering cutting-edge business intelligence solutions specializing in real-time AI-driven analytics. At the forefront of innovation, Permutable AI’s flagship product signifies a transformative leap in financial market analysis.

This groundbreaking solution utilises the formidable capabilities of natural language processing and advanced data science, enabling real-time prediction and deciphering of market trends. Our commitment extends beyond financial analytics, as we are fervently dedicated to shaping a more sustainable global landscape.

Through our award-winning real-time ESG data analytics and supply chain monitoring tools, we actively contribute to the evolution of sustainability practices within global supply chains. By facilitating robust due diligence processes, we empower businesses to make informed decisions aligned with environmental, social, and governance considerations.

Permutable AI is currently actively involved in the development of a greenwashing detection tool, which is being developed in collaboration with international regulators. Permutable AI aspires to be catalysts for positive change, envisioning a future where businesses seamlessly integrate cutting-edge analytics into strategic decision-making processes while championing sustainability practices.


Yahaha Studios



Based in Helsinki, Finland, Yahaha boasts a wide number of UK users who are thrilled by the showcase of this new AI Feature to Yahaha’s growing and ever evolving platform. YAHAHA Studios is transforming game development with its AI feature suite, Text2Game. The suite’s AI assistant, ‘Theo,’ can convert text prompts into dynamic 3D game scenes and narratives in seconds, streamlining the game creation process for creators of all skill levels

This revolutionary tool can generate immersive environments and fine-tune gameplay, simplifying the development process and reducing the need for advanced coding skills

The suite also includes the official AI game, AI-Asylum, which was released on in July Backed by Alibaba and Temasek Holdings, YAHAHA Studios secured a $40 million Series A+ funding round in 2022, underscoring the success of its AI-generated content (AIGC) platform.

YAHAHA Studios is committed to democratising game development. COO Pengfei Zhang emphasises the company’s dedication to supporting game designers, building on creativity, and inspiring future developers. As the company continues to refine Theo, it envisions a future where its AI technology enables creators to produce high-quality games seamlessly and efficiently, potentially rivalling AAA releases from larger studios.




Founded by serial entrepreneur Conor Sheridan in 2020, Nory centralises the core operational functions needed to run a successful hospitality venue in a single, intelligent platform. Nory’s AI analyses restaurant data across different business functions, including daily revenue, staffing and supply chain needs. This data is used to suggest simple operational actions for teams on the ground, enabling them to run venues more efficiently, control costs, perform more consistently, and ultimately increase profitability.

Previously, Conor co-founded Mad Egg and made it into one of the fastest growing restaurant groups in Ireland. Being new to the restaurant game, he felt the acute pain of hacking together existing restaurant management systems, spreadsheets, and paper printouts firsthand which inspired Conor to build the operating system he wished he’d had from day one.

Nory’s technology can also help businesses to monitor and actively reduce their carbon footprint and has saved approximately £1 million in food waste to date through its AI enabled food ordering and preparation system. Variables like seasonality, sourcing and availability of produce have a significant influence on the environmental impact of the hospitality industry. By analysing historical data and suggesting ingredients that are more economically viable, Nory can assist with inventory management and demand prediction, helping make the industry more sustainable.



Choco, the London-based digital platform connecting restaurants and food suppliers, has announced the launch of Choco AI, its new tool that looks to transform the hospitality supply chain through automated order management by translating voicemails and email left by restaurants into orders that are automatically entered into the supplier’s system.

The UK currently leads AI investment in Europe, however, the food manufacturing and supply sector is lagging behind when it comes to AI implementation. The technology from Choco bridges the gap between restaurants and suppliers, translating voicemails and emails from restaurants into automatically inputted orders on the supplier’s end.

This means that 100 times more orders can be processed per hour – without the need for additional staff. Choco AI solves a central problem in the industry. is the world’s first fully automated talent analysis and development platform and has been evolved by industry leading experts in data, talent ID and artificial intelligence. It is the only digital scouting product invited into the FIFA Innovation Programme. Their flagship product aiScout offers players from all around the world the opportunity to be scouted remotely by taking part in virtual drills and trials, simply by filming themselves on a mobile phone. Meanwhile, renowned club partners, such as Premier League clubs, Chelsea FC and Burnley FC have access to their aiLabs product, a mobile testing facility which puts prospective and signed academy players through a series of physical, technical and cognitive assessments.

The aiScout app which is available at no-cost, provides an accessible way for footballers to perform specific football and athletic drills in their own location, filmed using only a mobile phone. The data measures and produces enables scouts to find, analyse, score, rate and benchmark players’ technical, athletic, cognitive and psychometric ability. With over 265 million people playing football worldwide, scouting teams approximately see around 2,000 players a year – a drop in the ocean compared with the number of players out there, however the technology is developed to help club scouts see more players, reducing the risk of of talented footballers going unnoticed and providing an equal opportunity.



Master your digital body language

Visible is a UK startup on a mission to put users back in control of their own data.

It uses AI to analyse an individual’s digital footprint and show how they are likely to be being perceived by algorithms, people and businesses. With this personal intelligence, individuals can view themselves from a range of different perspectives and biases and reshape their online activity to match the version of themselves they want to be seen.

Founded in 2021 by Ben Graville (ex-GOV) and Kerem Kocaer (ex-JP Morgan), Visible is a graduate of Plexal’s National Cyber Security Centre startup programme for start-ups.

Visible offers a free AI-powered report for LinkedIn for professionals looking to build their personal brand or identify privacy risks that could result from their personal posting.




Abound is a financial service that uses Open Banking and AI to provide borrowers with more affordable loans compared to traditional lenders. It was founded in 2020 by an experienced team of credit experts with first-hand experience of poor lending practices.

This includes Gerald Chappell, previously Global Head of Digital Lending at McKinsey, and Dr Michelle He, who was a director at EY working with banks and financial institutions on lending and credit analytics. The team has raised £570 million from global investors since its launch. Abound is currently able to offer loans between £1,000 and £10,000 repayable for up 5 years with a 25.8% APR (representative).

Abound uses a proprietary technology called ‘Render’ which can x-ray the incomings and outgoings of borrowers. This is then combined with AI which looks at several factors, such as individual spending behaviours, to calculate how much an applicant could borrow and pay back affordably.

Unlike credit rating agencies which look at a small set of financial data, Render can (with consent) review a person’s income, spending patterns, subscriptions, savings, rent or mortgage payments and across multiple bank accounts – enabling companies to make smarter decisions and offer customers lower interest rates.



Founded in 2018 by Philip Letts, LettsGroup is a British branded venture group with a deep history of building and operating technology, media and climate ventures that deliver high growth and sustainable earnings. Today, LettsGroup is rewriting the rules of technology investment, championing a predictable and repeatable innovation process to crack the code for innovation in the 21st century.

The company is invested in ventures that tackle society’s most pressing challenges, with a particular focus on the digital divide, greentech, and emerging technologies. The company is currently incubating five ventures, from blockchain and AI content management platform LettsCore, and LettsNews which addresses content and disinformation challenges, to LettsArt, a ground breaking NFT-enabled art platform. LettsSafari, is a subscription-based GreenTech initiative for re-wilding, and LettsReteat offers eco-conscious luxury retreats to complete the portfolio.

LettsGroup pulls from a rich family history of Innovation & incubation. In 1796, John Letts pioneered one of the earliest corporate incubators, a concept that has evolved from the proverbial backrooms of a physical store to today’s virtual online spaces. It created the world’s first commercial diary, the Letts Diary, famously used by Queen Victoria and has gone on to innovate through the years with interest tables, specialised diaries, calendars, and more recently the Letts Revision Guides. LettsGroup is the 3rd iteration of Letts family incubators using a modern and extended approach of John Letts’ original incubator.

Sum Vivas


Sum Vivas is a pioneering company that brings AI-powered digital humans to life.

The Liverpool-based company has recently celebrated a major step forward in its service, by integrating AI with its digital humans to interact and communicate in real-time, creating a new and innovative tool for brands to communicate with their target audiences.

By integrating digital humans with subject or sector-specific information, it enables them to become a topic genius across sectors including hospitality, retail, automotive, entertainment and healthcare; paving the way for Sum Vivas’ HD Digital Humans to bring brand campaigns to life in a dynamic multiverse of possibilities, from Web 3 and Metaverse, to real life (IRL) opportunities.

Sum Vivas has also been selected by the Department for Business and Trade as one of only thirteen businesses to join its UK Northern Powerhouse delegation to Japan, where it will represent British innovation in the AI-powered digital human space.

From its conception, Sum Vivas has been designed as a business that is both commercially successful and one that creates real social benefits; its values are based on equality, inclusion, talent development and a commitment to delivering ‘technology for good’.



Briefly is an AI-powered briefing platform designed to help marketers write stand out marketing briefs in a fraction of the time it would normally take them. Brands currently waste more than a quarter of their marketing budgets on bad briefs and misdirected work (BetterBriefs & IPA, 2022). That’s despite 50 years of technology disrupting marketing and despite the brief being the single most important document in a campaign – think of it as the springboard for everything that comes next.

Briefly fixes this by making great briefs easy to write. Our models are trained on marketing science and fine-tuned to individual brands’ strategies. Answer a few simple questions about the campaign and Briefly will help you write your first draft. Marketers at a large technology company were able to ship briefs 9x faster with Briefly. Then iterate on your brief while our Tips, Prompts, Feedback, and Inspo will help guide you towards the brief that will unlock the best work.



AeroCloud is the first cloud-native airport operations management platform that uses predictive artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to optimise airport operations, from improving passenger processing and experiences, to real-time flight management and gate allocation.

Its newest product, AeroCloud Optic, is an industry-first, passenger count track technology that uses computer vision to intelligently, accurately and anonymously track and monitor real-time passenger flow from curb to gate for the first time. When combined with AeroCloud’s AI and ML algorithms, airport staff can identify potential bottlenecks, such as increasing security queues, so they can be addressed before they become a problem. And it can draw learnings that can help to predict future scenarios to inform more accurate decision-making and long-term planning.

Together with its common-use passenger processing and self-service solutions, AeroCloud delivers an innovative answer to the complex operational challenges experienced by airports across the globe. Currently supporting 60 airports across the US and Europe, including Des Moines, Manchester and Sarasota, and processing over 156 million passengers annually, AeroCloud is focused on expanding its North American, European and UK markets throughout the remainder of 2023 and into 2024.



Founded in 2015 by Jenny Tsai, WeArisma is an earned influence analytics company helping brands measure and optimise their influencer marketing and earned media RoI.

Consumer buyer journeys are changing. As people increasingly look to social media to make decisions about their purchases, brands need to understand how their brand and products are discovered and talked about amongst third parties including celebrities, influencers and media.

WeArisma has found the perfect blend of human expertise and AI to make a significant impact on the world of influencer marketing and earned media optimisation. The platform combines cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities to showcase which brands, products, topics and content target customers are influenced by.

Drawing on over 7 years of historical global data across 15,000 brands, more than 70 countries, 20 languages and key social media platforms, it combines the industry’s highest quality data and software to offer unique and actionable insights.

This is helping some of the world’s most valuable brands measure the impact of working with influential sources, improve brand discoverability, affinity and drive commercial impact.

Skin Analytics


Skin Analytics is a British healthtech company using AI to increase the detection and survival rates of skin cancer. Its AI medical device, DERM, is currently in use across the NHS to dramatically improve access to dermatology quality skin cancer assessments, reducing the financial burden of skin cancer on health systems.

With over 16,700 new diagnoses every year, melanoma is the 5th most common cancer in the UK. There’s an urgent need for solutions within the NHS to help overstretched clinicians prioritise finding skin cancers early, thus reducing waiting times and treatment delays. AI technologies, such as DERM, are safe to use in identifying malignant lesions, making them a trusted ally to clinicians and dermatologists.

To date DERM has assessed more than 53,000 patients for skin cancer in the NHS and correctly identified nearly 5,000 skin cancers across the UK, helping the NHS address the burden of skin cancer. DERM is already deployed across 11 NHS trusts including Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust and University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.



VEED offers a suite of innovative AI tools designed to streamline video editing processes. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, VEED simplifies intricate tasks, making video editing accessible to creators of all levels:

Subtitling and Transcription: VEED uses powerful speech recognition software to let you instantly add captions to your video. You can also manually upload a file or add subs.

Video Translation: The platform’s AI enables seamless translation of videos into multiple languages with lip syncing, broadening global reach and audience engagement.

Object Removal and Background Editing: VEED’s AI empowers users to effortlessly remove objects or modify backgrounds within videos, enhancing visual appeal and narrative clarity.

Voiceover and Text-to-Speech: Users can easily add voice overs or convert text to speech, providing options for narration and customising audio elements.

VideoGPT: The world’s first text-to-video AI video generator, users can now create pro-level videos directly in ChatGPT using only text. With a simple description of the visual required, the VideoGPT generates a fully edited video in seconds, including stock footage, music, text-to-voice, and more.

Magic Cut: The AI-powered feature identifies transitions, removes unnecessary segments, and stitches together a polished video in moments, allowing individuals to edit their video content in just one click.

Overall, VEED’s AI tools democratise video editing, offering a user-friendly interface packed with powerful features that expedite and enhance the editing process. These tools cater to a wide array of needs, empowering creators to produce professional-quality videos efficiently and effectively.



Whering is a digital wardrobe and personal styling app that enables customers to see and interact with the clothes they already own. Our mission is to upend the ‘buy, use, dispose’ cycle by helping people around the world increase the utilisation of their closets by styling their items for them, prompting them to resell things they no longer use, helping them repair/tailor/ethically dry-clean and donate – all in an effort to extend the life cycle of the pieces they buy and make circular solutions as accessible as possible.
How we use AI
AI enables us to process images of digitised items to crop the region of interest, classify the item and add some metadata- enabling a smooth uploading process. We’re also using AI to recommend products in our Marketplace and incorporating machine learning into our outfit recommendations feature, W Pick, providing users with daily outfit suggestions based on their previous styling choices.

Centuro Global


Centuro Global makes it easier and less expensive for great companies to expand overseas through their platform, Centuro Connect.

Centuro Connect is the only AI-powered solution for businesses looking to expand, employ overseas, or arrange an international assignment and ‘work from anywhere’ policies for their employees. The platform uses AI to determine which visa and work permits are required for a person based on factors such as nationality, travel destination, how long they will travel and where they will be paid.

Previously, businesses and individuals have relied upon various professional services companies to guide them through complex local laws on immigration, taxes, employment law and HR. These services are often expensive and time-consuming and place the responsibility of completing and understanding onerous paperwork and processes on the commissioning company.

Centuro Connect revolutionises the end-to-end global expansion journey. For the first time, businesses have a one-stop shop for all their global expansion needs. They can be confident that they have real-time information on local laws in 170+ countries – and the ability to track processes via one online dashboard. They can grow in new markets faster and more cost-effectively than ever before, with the reassurance that they comply with local laws.