10 Greek Startups to Watch in 2024

Greece, a beacon of history and innovation, is swiftly becoming a hotspot for entrepreneurial talent.

This storied land, once the centre of democracy and philosophy, is now fostering a new generation of startups. With a burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem, marked by significant investment growth, Greece stands at the forefront of modern innovation.

Here, we spotlight 10 Greek startups, each exemplifying ingenuity and potential for significant impact in 2024.


1. Pandas: Revolutionising Tech Lifecycle


Pandas | Company | Endeavor Greece


Pandas is leading the way in sustainable technology usage. Their innovative platform enables users to easily trade in used tech devices, offering a convenient and eco-friendly solution. By providing quick price quotes and leveraging advanced technology and AI, Pandas simplifies the process of tech recycling.

Their vision is to create a global platform for tech device trade-ins, thereby reducing electronic waste and promoting the reuse of technology. With their user-friendly service, Pandas is not only making technology more accessible but also contributing to a more sustainable planet.


2. Swaplanet: Sustainable Fashion Exchange


Swaplanet - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Swaplanet addresses the rapid turnover of children’s clothing with an innovative clothes-swapping platform. This eco-conscious startup provides a practical solution for parents to exchange garments that no longer fit their children. By facilitating easy swaps, Swaplanet not only reduces textile waste but also promotes sustainable living among families.

The platform’s goal is to foster a community that values eco-friendly practices, making it easier for parents to access quality clothing while minimising their environmental footprint. Swaplanet stands out as a beacon of sustainable fashion in the startup world.


3. Vertliner: Robotic Solutions for Indoor Assessments


VERTLINER – Autonomous Robotic Assessments in Indoor Environments


Vertliner is transforming indoor assessments with cutting-edge robotic and AI technology. Their integrated platform utilises autonomous aerial robots to conduct efficient, fast, and accurate evaluations in various settings, including complex environments like construction sites.

These advanced solutions offer a significant improvement over traditional methods, enhancing quality and precision in assessments. Vertliner’s technology is not just innovative but also adaptable to a wide range of applications, demonstrating the potential of robotics in improving industrial and construction processes, thereby setting new standards in the field.


4. Agritrack: Digitising the Agrifood Chain


Agritrack – Quality from farm to fork


Agritrack is revolutionising the agrifood sector with its digital solutions. This pioneering startup has developed a post-harvest automation platform that employs advanced technology to monitor food quality throughout the supply chain. Their innovative approach aims to reduce global food waste and loss by digitising and optimising processes from farm to fork.

Agritrack’s platform provides non-invasive quality control, risk reduction, and improved decision-making capabilities, thereby ensuring sustainability and efficiency in the food industry. With its commitment to transparency and simplicity, Agritrack is leading the charge in transforming agrifood technology.


5. Kard Wallet: Simplifying Digital Finance


Kard Wallet | LinkedIn


Kard Wallet is reshaping the digital finance landscape with its intuitive and user-friendly digital wallet solution. As an award-winning fintech startup, Kard Wallet streamlines the process of managing finances, making payments, and tracking spending all in one place.

Its innovative approach enables users to handle their financial transactions with ease, promoting a seamless experience in the digital economy. Recognised for its significant contributions to the fintech industry, Kard Wallet is poised to become a leader in digital wallet services in Europe, continuously innovating to meet the evolving needs of its growing user base.



6. FlexCar: Transforming Car Leasing


I'm interested in leasing a car with Flexcar | FlexCar


FlexCar is revolutionising the car leasing sector by offering flexible and hassle-free leasing options. Established in 2018, this startup eliminates the traditional barriers associated with car leasing, such as large deposits and long-term commitments.

FlexCar allows customers to lease cars with the freedom to return or purchase them anytime, introducing a new level of convenience and flexibility. Their innovative business model is rapidly expanding beyond Greece, indicating a significant shift in consumer preferences in the automotive industry. With FlexCar, customers can enjoy the benefits of having a car without the usual constraints of leasing.


7. Pop Market: Pioneering Quick Commerce


Pop Market - Current Openings


Pop Market is at the forefront of the quick commerce revolution in Greece. Launched in 2021, this Athens-based startup is transforming the online grocery delivery sector by promising deliveries in less than 15 minutes. Pop Market’s unique business model combines a hyper-local network of dark stores with efficient, data-driven logistics to ensure rapid and reliable service.

Their rapid growth and over €8.5 million in funding highlight the startup’s significant impact on Southern Europe’s ecommerce industry. Pop Market’s commitment to quick, convenient, and quality service makes it a standout player in the evolving world of ecommerce.


8. Finloup: Fintech for Fair Credit


Finloup - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Finloup offers businesses the option to lease the electronic devices they use, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Technology leasing is a sustainable and cost-effective model, which allows businesses to use the devices they need, with low monthly payments, without worrying about device management, such as asset tracking, repairs, and end-of-life disposal.

Also, with leasing, businesses have total flexibility and control over their technology! They can have access to the equipment they need and change devices easily, depending on their needs. Moreover, leasing is part of the circular economy, helping reduce e-waste and the drain of natural resources.


9. Useberry: Empowering UI/UX Decisions


useberry - Current Openings


Useberry is a trailblazer in the B2B SaaS domain, offering an innovative platform that delivers crucial insights into user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. Founded in 2018, the Athens-based startup enables businesses to access real-time user feedback and actionable insights, significantly enhancing decision-making processes. Useberry’s platform aids companies in creating more user-centered products and services, contributing to better digital experiences.

With its rapid user growth and significant impact on the digital industry, Useberry is becoming an indispensable tool for UI/UX pioneers seeking to make informed, data-driven decisions.


10. Omgyno: Rethinking Women’s Healthcare


Omgyno: Innovative gynecology with progressive values & tech


Omgyno is a medtech startup founded in 2021, dedicated to transforming women’s healthcare. This innovative enterprise combines telehealth services with home testing kits and educational content on sexual health and wellness.

Omgyno’s approach is particularly focused on improving women’s health care in conservative societies, where misinformation and limited access to quality care prevail. By offering sustainable period care products and empowering individuals with female reproductive systems, Omgyno is driving innovation in an underserved sector, ensuring better access to health resources and education.



The diverse array of startups emerging from Greece is a testament to the country’s vibrant and resilient entrepreneurial spirit.

From sustainable fashion to revolutionary fintech solutions, these 10 startups are not just reshaping the Greek economy but are also poised to make a global impact. As we move into 2024, these companies embody the fusion of Greece’s rich historical legacy with modern innovation, heralding a bright future for the nation’s startup ecosystem.