10 Polish Startups To Keep An Eye On In 2024

As we step into 2024, the Polish startup scene continues to grow, showcasing a blend of innovation, technology, and entrepreneurial spirit.

From mental healthcare to reshaping online learning, these startups are not just local heroes but are making waves globally. Here’s a look at ten Polish startups you should definitely keep an eye on this year.


1. Therapify – Revolutionising Mental Health Care


About Therapify.ai - Software company in Poland | F6S


Therapify, launched in 2019 in Krakow, is transforming mental healthcare accessibility. It offers a SaaS marketplace where businesses can integrate mental health services into employee benefits. This innovation is critical in addressing the mental health needs of over a billion people globally. Therapify has successfully raised $902,600 through various funding rounds, reflecting strong investor confidence.

Their platform not only facilitates mental health support but also destigmatises mental health care in the workplace, making psychological wellness services more accessible and normalised.


2. Brainly – The Largest Social Learning Network


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Brainly, established in 2009, has redefined collaborative learning by becoming the world’s largest social learning network. With over 350 million users in 35 countries, it provides a platform where students can ask and answer academic questions, fostering a global peer-to-peer learning environment.

This approach breaks down geographical and social barriers in education. Brainly’s impact has been recognised through awards like the Red Herring Top 100 Europe, showing its innovative contribution to the education sector.


3. Airly – Hyper-Local Air Pollution Data


Airly raises $2m for global air quality platform


Airly, a pioneering web-based startup, offers critical insights into air pollution levels through hyper-local data. This innovative approach allows for precise monitoring of environmental conditions, providing valuable information for both individuals and policymakers.

By leveraging advanced analytics, Airly is addressing a growing global concern about air quality and its health implications. Their technology enables more informed decisions regarding environmental management and public health, positioning Airly as a key player in the fight against air pollution.


4. PayPo – Reinventing Payment Solutions


Aion Bank będzie przejmował część wierzytelności PayPo


PayPo, a Warsaw-based FinTech startup founded in 2017, is revolutionising payment solutions in Poland. Specialising in Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services, PayPo leads the market with its innovative approach to payment flexibility.

This has enabled a vast network of merchants to offer deferred payment options, significantly benefiting consumers. With a substantial $16.5 million raised from a single investor, PayPo commands over 70% of Poland’s BNPL market share. Their focus on customer-centric solutions and easy integration for merchants has positioned them as a frontrunner in the evolving world of financial technology.


5. Infermedica – AI-Powered Healthcare Solutions


Infermedica Launches New Modules, Bringing AI-Driven Medical Guidance Platform to Life


Founded in 2012, Infermedica is at the forefront of the healthtech revolution with its AI-powered symptom checking and triage tools. These solutions cater to both patients and healthcare providers, improving the efficiency and accuracy of preliminary medical assessments. Infermedica’s technology has garnered attention from major clients like Allianz, PZU, and Microsoft, showcasing its effectiveness and reliability.

By integrating advanced AI algorithms, Infermedica enhances the healthcare experience, providing swift and accurate medical guidance, and paving the way for more informed and efficient healthcare decisions.



6. Sold! – Social Commerce Streaming Platform


SOLD! Logo


Sold!, founded in 2022 in Kielce, is reshaping the social media landscape with its innovative streaming platform. This platform is designed to amplify social commerce, offering businesses a dynamic way to boost their brand visibility and engage with a wider audience.

By leveraging the power of live streaming, Sold! connects brands with potential customers, enhancing the shopping experience through interactive and real-time content. With $179,500 in seed funding, Sold! is not just capitalising on the trend of social commerce but is also setting new standards in integrating streaming technology with business marketing strategies.


7. Packhelp – Custom, Sustainable Packaging


Packhelp | Custom Packaging, Design & Order Online


Packhelp, founded in 2015 in Warsaw, is changing the packaging industry with its focus on custom-made, sustainable solutions. Their service streamlines the process of creating and managing high-quality, eco-friendly packaging for businesses of all sizes.

Packhelp’s innovative approach has garnered significant funding, totaling $58.2 million, with a notable $45.6 million from a Series B round. This investment reflects confidence in their mission to make packaging more personal, environmentally friendly, and accessible, positioning Packhelp as a leading figure in sustainable packaging solutions.


8. Estimote – Indoor Location Tracking Solutions


Estimote – Press Kit


Established in 2012, Estimote specialises in advanced indoor location tracking and proximity solutions. Their technology has changed the way businesses interact with physical spaces, providing accurate, real-time data for various applications.

Esteemed clients like Coca-Cola, Amazon, and the New York Times utilise Estimote’s solutions, underlining their impact and reliability. The company’s focus on innovation in location intelligence and context-aware applications positions it as a key player in the burgeoning field of indoor spatial analytics.


9. tylko – Customisable Furniture Design




tylko, a standout in the furniture design industry, offers a unique service of creating tailor-made shelves and wardrobes that seamlessly integrate into modern living spaces.

Their emphasis on customisation, combined with hassle-free online ordering, free delivery, and a 100-day return policy, makes tylko a customer-centric brand. This innovative approach to furniture design not only caters to individual style and space requirements but also redefines the furniture buying experience, making it more personal, convenient, and flexible.


10. Tidio – Enhancing Customer Communications


Customer Service Software To Grow Your Business | Tidio


Tidio is redefining customer service with its state-of-the-art live chat software, facilitating real-time communication between businesses and customers. This tool enhances customer experience by providing instant support and engagement, a crucial aspect in today’s fast-paced digital marketplace.

Tidio’s software integrates seamlessly with various platforms, making it a versatile and invaluable resource for businesses looking to improve their customer interaction and satisfaction. Their innovative approach in streamlining customer communications positions Tidio as a leader in the evolving landscape of customer service technology.


These ten startups represent the dynamic and innovative nature of the Polish tech scene. Each one, with its unique solution and approach, is not only contributing to the Polish economy but also setting trends globally.