10 Startups In Canada To Watch

Canada has always been a place where startups grow and thrive.

Over the years, Canada has been home to world-renowned startups like Hootsuite, Shopify, Xandu and many others. 2024 is set to be no different, with a huge array of companies blossoming in this thriving economy.

Here are ten Canadian startups that we think are ones to keep an eye on…


1. Thinkific – Empowering Online Learning


Thinkific Launches Gifting - Enabling Creators to Supercharge Sales for  Cyber Week and Beyond

Thinkific is empowering educators and businesses to create, market, and sell their own online courses.

With a user-friendly platform, Thinkific allows anyone to quickly build and commercialise educational, engaging courses.

Their software provides a number of customisation options, positioning them as a leader in the e-learning industry in Canada.


2. Quill Podcasting – Podcast Productions


How to Start a Podcast: A Step by Step Guide


Quill Podcasting specialises in podcast production, helping brands and entrepreneurs launch and manage their own high-quality podcasts.

By offering strategy, recording, editing and marketing services, Quill is making waves in the digital audio space, ensuring that unique stories and ideas are heard worldwide.


3. Resemble AI – Innovating Audio With Artificial Intelligence


Resemble AI Logo


Resemble AI creates realistic synthetic voices using AI.

Their technology allows businesses to produce unique and engaging audio content, without needing to hire a real person. From virtual assistants to audio books, Resemble AI’s natural and customisable voice generation technology is helping brands communicate with their audiences in a unique way.

4. Snipcart – Simplifying eCommerce


Add a Shopping Cart to Any Website in Minutes - Snipcart


Snipcart offers developers an easy-to-integrate software for adding shopping carts to any website.

This technology allows businesses of all sizes to turn any site into a fully functional eCommerce platform in a simple and easy to use way.

Snipcart’s developer-first approach makes it a go-to for businesses looking to expand their online presence and start selling digitally.


5. Gourmicious – Gourmet Food Supperclubs


Gourmicious logo


Gourmicious is a platform dedicated to connecting foodies through gourmet experiences.

Chefs are able to create their own experiences on the platform, and culinary enthusiasts are then invited to engage with them. Whether it’s for a supper club or a private dining experience, Gourmicious is all about providing unique, high quality dining experiences.



6. ForwardAI – Advanced Financial Insights


ForwardAI -Access, monitor, and manage business accounting data


ForwardAI provides small and medium-sized businesses with financial insights and cash flow forecasting.

Their platform uses algorithms to help businesses financially forecast more accurately, allowing them to make informed decisions.

ForwardAI’s commitment to financial empowerment is helping small businesses navigate their finances in a more effective way.


7. Mayday – Your Calendar Co-Pilot




Mayday is an all in one calendar, task manager and scheduling assistant, designed to be your personal PA.

The software makes organisation easier by integrating a to-do list, scheduling assistant and your calendar, all in one platform. Mayday’s AI is designed to help auto schedule everything, making sure you manage your time in the best way possible.


8. Pawzy – Pet Care Advice




Pawzy connects pet owners with the best care advice for their furry friends.

From finding the right vet to exploring pet insurance options, Pawzy’s platform is a resource for everything pet-related.


9. Guusto – Employee Recognition



Guusto is helping companies with employee recognition and rewards programmes through their innovative platform.

By offering a simple, quick, and flexible ways to reward employees for their hard work, Guusto is helping companies build a positive culture and increase employee engagement and retention.


10. Evalflow – Transforming Organisations With AI




Evalflow is changing the game in performance management with their unique AI-driven solution.

Their software is designed to help businesses transform their team’s performance through providing bespoke, AI-generated feedback.

The platform allows for continuous feedback creation, activity sharing and team celebration, making it ideal for businesses with a growing workforce.


These ten startups all show incredible innovation within Canada’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Keep an eye on these companies into 2024 as they continue to make waves both within Canada and globally.