10 Startups In Peru To Keep An Eye On

Peru’s startup scene is buzzing, showcasing a diverse range of companies making waves in technology, health, education, logistics, and more.

Here’s a closer look at ten startups from Peru that are set to make a real global impact in the upcoming year…


1. Corezero – Zero-Waste Measurement


CoreZero | Project details


Corezero is helping reduce food loss and waste in Peru whilst also helping to work towards the country’s Net Zero goals.

Using technology and expertise in waste management, they support projects in food rescue, upcycling, waste-to-energy, and composting. Then, their platform quantifies the impact into Carbon Credits, which can be monetised – incentivising companies to do more to reduce waste.


2. Netzun – Online Learning Platforms


Netzun | LinkedIn


Netzun provides a platform for online learning, catering to the evolving needs of Peruvian professionals seeking to upskill.

Offering a wide range of courses across various industries for reasonable prices, Netzun is making education in Peru more accessible to everyone, anywhere, at any time.


3. Chazki – Logistics and Delivery Services




Chazki is changing logistics in Peru with its efficient and reliable delivery services for businesses.

By using technology to streamline the traditional delivery process, Chazki ensures timely and secure shipments for businesses. Their approach is setting new standards in the logistics sector in Peru, helping e-commerce run smoothly.


4. Kambista – Digital Currency Exchange


Kambista | LinkedIn


Kambista is a digital currency exchange platform that allows users to exchange dollars and soles online.

It offers a secure and user-friendly way to exchange currencies, making transactions seamless for both individuals and businesses.

Kambista’s focus on transparency and customer service has made it a go-to solution for currency exchange in Peru.


5. Doctocliq – Healthcare Services Platform


Software Doctocliq - Rentabiliza tu consultorio


Doctocliq is transforming healthcare in Peru by connecting patients with healthcare clinics through an intuitive online platform.

This startup is improving access to healthcare services, whilst also allowing clinics to run as more profitable businesses. Users can schedule appointments, pay, consult with doctors online, and receive personalised care, all from the comfort of their homes.

Not only that, but businesses can track their finances, CRM and clinic history to make sure their business runs perfectly.



6. Tiendada – E-commerce Solutions



Tiendada is empowering Peruvian businesses with its whitelabelled e-commerce platform, enabling them to sell products online with ease.

By providing tools for online store creation, payment processing, and logistics management, Tiendada is helping local businesses expand their reach and tap into new markets.


7. Vipa.io – Citizen Empowerment


Brandfetch | Vipa Logos & Brand Assets


Vipa.io is empowering citizens in Peru by allowing them to report incidents on public roads in real time.

The app aims to cut down on dangerous driving in Peru, through the community platform that allows people to report illegal driving anonymously.

Reporters upload their videos, which then get sent to the authorities. Once the video has been actioned, the user receives an update – encouraging more community based law enforcement.


8. Leasy.pe – Vehicle Leasing For Ride-Hailing Drivers




Leasy.pe is changing the way Peruvians lease vehicles with its flexible and affordable leasing options.

Catering to individuals who want to use a car for business – specifically ride hailing – Leasy.pe offers a hassle-free way to access a wide range of vehicles.

Ultimately, Leasy aims to help ride-hailing drivers buy their own car and enhance their earning power.


9. Ritec – Agricultural Technology



Ritec is addressing Peru’s agricultural challenges with its innovative technology solutions.

By using data analytics and IoT devices, Ritec is helping farmers optimise their irrigation data, helping them increase yields, save money and reduce environmental impact.

Ritec aims to help Peruvian farmers make better agricultural decisions through tech.


10. Crehana – Building Teams Of The Future




Crehana is a HR platform that helps businesses manage their team’s development and performance all in one place.

Through a single sign on, users are able to connect to a variety of systems, allowing them to see everything in one place. Citing themselves as the largest people development platform in Latin America, Crehana is helping develop talent across Peru.


The startup ecosystem in Peru is thriving, with entrepreneurs across the country using technology to solve real-world problems. Keep an eye on these startups in 2024, as they are sure to make waves both locally and internationally.