10 Startups In Colombia To Keep An Eye On

Colombia is rapidly becoming a hub for innovative startups that are using technology to drive transformation.

As we move into 2024, here are ten Colombian startups that represent the dynamic entrepreneurial spirit in Colombia.


1. Platzi – Online Education


Platzi Logo


Platzi is at the forefront of online learning in Latin America, offering a wide range of courses in technology, design, marketing, and business to help people upskill in areas that are in demand.

Its interactive platform and community-driven approach make learning accessible and engaging for anyone, anywhere.


2. Bioambientar – Regenerating Colombia’s Soil


About Bioambientar - Agriculture company in Colombia | F6S


Bioambientar is innovating biotech solutions, specialising in the development of compost products for waste treatment and water purification.

The company transforms organic waste into high quality compost in only 10 days. Not only is this more circular, but their compost retains 54% more nutrients than conventional compost – making it a powerful tool in eliminating greenhouse gases and combatting climate change.


3. NanoFreeze – Innovating Freezing In Perishables


Nanotechnology | Natural Refrigeration | Freeze


NanoFreeze is changing the game in cold chain logistics with its cooling technology.

Specialising in the preservation of perishable goods, NanoFreeze ensures that products like food and pharmaceuticals maintain their quality during transportation through freezing – reducing waste and improving efficiency in supply chains.


4. 1Doc3 – Making Healthcare More Accessible


1doc3 blue logo


1Doc3 is a digital health platform that allows businesses to connect their employers to healthcare professionals for online consultations.

The company’s accessible platform aims to help businesses cut down on the amount of time their employees spend away from work due to medical issues. Not only does this mean more timely medical support, it also helps businesses remain productive.


5. FinSocial – Financial Inclusion through Innovation




FinSocial is a fintech company offering credit solutions to sectors, such as teachers and government employees.

With its approach to assessing creditworthiness, FinSocial is helping to bridge the financial inclusion gap in Colombia, providing access to affordable financing options for everyone.



6. SevMercadoGanadero – Modernising Livestock Trading


Compra y vende ganado a través de nuestro mercado en línea - SEV Mercado  Ganadero


SevMercadoGanadero is changing the livestock industry with its online trading platform, helping create a direct line between farmers and buyers.

This approach streamlines the buying and selling process, improves transparency, and helps businesses access a larger range of buyers.


7. Educo – AI For Education


About Educo.co - F6S Profile


Educo is a personal AI tutor. Designed by the user, Educo’s AI trains itself in a specific course and content.

Through uploading class files, users can train their AI model to understand their course. Then, the AI will be on hand to answer any questions and provide guidance. This is a particularly useful tool for teachers, as it allows students to ask the AI questions individually, meaning personalised help is available to everyone.


8. Habi – Quick House Buying


Habi, the Largest Proptech Company in Spanish Speaking Latin America,  Announces US$100 Million Credit Facility from Victory Park Capital |  Business Wire


Habi is making waves in the real estate sector with its platform that allows people to sell their homes in record time.

By uploading their property to the site, users are able to receive a bespoke cash offer from Habi. Then, once the agreements are signed, the property is sold to Habi.

This model helps the company sell properties quickly and without long and messy chains, making it more efficient for both buyers and sellers.


9. Truora – Ensuring Trust And Safety Online


Precos | Truora


Truora is on a mission to combat fraud and build trust in online transactions.

Its choice of verification services, including background checks, facial recognition and user authentication, is a great way for businesses to secure their online operations and protect their customers from fraud.


10. Ubanku – Financial Inclusion For Gen Z



Ubanku is helping Gen Z become more financially literate with their educational investment platform.

Through their app, Gen Z are able to set investment goals, which Ubanku helps them achieve.

Its easy to use interface not only helps make investing more accessible, it also helps young people reach their financial goals faster.


As these ten startups demonstrate, Colombia’s entrepreneurial spirit is vibrant. The future is bright for Colombia’s startup scene, promising exciting developments and opportunities in the years to come.