10 Startups In Bolivia To Watch

Bolivia is quickly emerging as a hotbed for innovative startups

These ten Bolivian startups stand out for their innovative approaches, across EdTech, FinTech and sustainability.

Here’s a closer look at these 10 trailblazers.


1. Vendis –  QR Code Payments


logo vendis web .png


Vendis is helping Bolivian businesses innovate with its POS management software.

Designed to streamline operations, Vendis offers an all-in-one solution for sales through its bespoke QR payment software.

Businesses are able to use their bespoke QR codes to take orders and receive payments anytime, anywhere. Vendis prides themselves on taking a low commission on all payments in exchange for taking on the network costs associated with the technology.


2. Unicodemy – Tech Education For Kids



In the heart of Bolivia’s education sector, Unicodemy is making tech education more accessible for kids.

With gamified courses ranging from coding to website building, Unicodemy is preparing Bolivians for the digital future. Not only does this encourage more young people into STEM, it shows kids the real-life applications of technology from an early age, allowing them to thrive in the digital age.


3. ProfelClima – Innovative Climate Solutions



ProfelClima is tackling Bolivia’s climate challenges head-on with its advanced climate monitoring solutions.

Through its advanced technology, users are able to use data to know the perfect time to sow seeds, fumigate crops, reduce pest control and balance irrigation – all before being told the perfect time to harvest.

With climate change making weather patterns less predictable, tech like ProfelClima is crucial in helping farmers maintain profitable, high-yielding businesses.


Iconekta – LegalTech For Everyone



Iconekta is a LegalTech company that helps businesses find new opportunities and connect across LATAM.

Using generative AI, the startup aims to help streamline operations within the legal sector. Through their platform, law firms can leverage Iconekta’s AI to increase their billing capacity and strengthen relationships with clients.

The AI is able to generate automated law documents, verification of business opportunities and streamlined resource finding to help create a more productive legal industry for everyone.


5. Pagame – Simplifying Payments



Hailed as the Venmo of LATAM, Pagame is reshaping Bolivia’s financial landscape with its easy-to-use payment plugin.

Aiming to increase financial inclusion, Pagame allows users to make and receive payments instantly with no fees, fostering a more inclusive economy where everyone has access to digital payments.



6. Discovereel – Social Networking



Discovereel is a social network designed to connect entrepreneurs with users through shared interests.

By marking content based on relevance and idea alignment, the platform presents more personalised and interesting content to the user.

Through this, users are then able to explore and find startups and entrepreneurs that align with their specific philosophies.


7. Minkedu – Early Years Education At Home



Minkedu is reimagining education in Bolivia with its interactive early-years learning platform.

Focusing on early childhood and primary education, Minkedu’s content and innovative teaching methods are helping parents build educational plans and activities to enhance their child’s learning.

Through ideas for home-based learning, ways to build learning spaces at home and specialised content, Minkedu is helping Bolivians teach their children key skills away from the classroom.


8. Koban – Inclusive Finance




Koban is revolutionising Bolivian finance with its inclusive finance platform.

With many Latin Americans unable to access formal banking, Koban helps by providing a no fee debit card that can be managed entirely through technology.

Through a combination of inclusive access and financial education, Koban is helping Bolivians that have been excluded by the traditional financial system manage their money.


9. Jukumari Advice – Authentic And Responsible Travel


Jukumari Advice | GIST Network


Jukumari Advice is at the forefront of Bolivia’s responsible travel revolution.

Bolivia has a high percentage of indigenous farming communities, but many lack the technological ability to innovate in the modern world.

Through partnerships with indigenous communities, Jukumari Advice helps travellers find more authentic and immersive cultural experiences in Bolivia, whilst also providing a new revenue stream to locals within the country.

10. Panal Fresh – FoodTech Connecting Farmers To Customers


Panal Fresh – Elanet


Panal Fresh is changing the food industry in Bolivia by connecting farmers and suppliers to new customers.

The platform’s simple userface allows users to select one of over 600 products and get them delivered straight to their door.

The company prides themselves on their fair pricing, both for consumers and the producers selling their products.


As Bolivia continues to develop a thriving startup ecosystem, these ten ventures are leading the way with their innovative ideas.

Keep an eye on these companies as they continue to make an impact on both national and international stages.