10 Startups In Brazil To Watch

Brazil’s startup ecosystem is thriving, with innovative companies emerging across various sectors. As we move into 2024, certain startups stand out for their unique ideas and potential for global impact.

Here’s a list of ten Brazilian startups that are making waves and why they deserve your attention.


1. Goomer – Smart Menus



Goomer is transforming how restaurants operate and engage with their customers in Brazil.

With their integrative app, restaurants are able to create ‘smart menus’ for customers to order take-outs, self-order on tablets, or order through bespoke QR codes.

This startup helps restaurants reduce wait times and improve service efficiency. By embracing tech, Goomer is setting a new standard for dining in Brazil.


2. Fazenda Futuro – The Future Of Food



With a focus on sustainability, Fazenda Futuro (Future Farm) is at the front of Brazil’s plant-based food revolution.

This startup creates meat substitutes that are not only environmentally friendly, but also taste and feel like real meat.

With products like meatballs, burgers and mince, their commitment to reducing the food industry’s carbon footprint makes them a key player in the future of food.


3. Hotmart – Empowering Digital Creators



Hotmart is a platform that provides tools for digital creators to connect, sell and distribute their work.

Digital creators can build their offering, design a website to engage customers and process payments – all through one easy-to-use platform.

From courses to ebooks to events, Hotmart helps creators share their knowledge worldwide in the simplest way possible.


4. Zenklub – Enhancing Corporate Mental Wellbeing



Zenklub is addressing the need for accessible corporate mental health services in Brazil.

This online platform allows companies to connect their employees with psychologists and coaches online, making support available anytime, anywhere.

The company has already helped over 400 corporates provide between wellbeing to employees, winning multiple accolades along the way.


5. Aegro – Revolutionising AgriTech



Aegro is an startup that’s changing the game in agricultural technology.

By providing farmers with farm management software, Aegro helps optimise production, reduce operating costs, and improve crop yields.

Their technology is empowering thousands of farmers in Brazil to make data-driven decisions, enhancing the efficiency, profitability and sustainability of agriculture.



6. UOL EdTech – Transforming Online Education


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UOL EdTech is making strides in the field of online education by offering a number of customised learning solutions that connect companies, universities and students.

From corporate training to online learning and even educational content for schools and universities, their platform is designed to make learning accessible and engaging.


7. Warren – Accessible Financial Investments


Warren • Polar, Ltda.


Warren is a fintech startup that’s making financial investment accessible to Brazilians.

With an easy-to-use platform, Warren offers personalised advice and transparent fees to make investing as easy as possible.

Appealing to a variety of budgets, users are able to invest as much or as little as they want to help them achieve long term financial freedom.


8. Z1 – Financial Inclusion for Teens



Z1 is a digital bank aimed at teenagers, providing them with the tools to manage their money smartly.

Through the platform, teens can pay each other, pool money with friends and manage their finances more easily.

By offering an easy-to-use platform, Z1 empowers young people to become financially savvy from an early age.


9. Sallve – Innovating Skincare Solutions


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Sallve is disrupting the beauty industry in Brazil with its direct-to-consumer skincare brand.

Not only does the company boast community-driven product development, its app is a place that connects ideas and content about beauty daily.

With a community focus on beauty and skincare, their brand is making waves in a sometimes overcrowded market.


10. Gupy – HR Ecosystem


Gupy | Riverwood Capital


Gupy is a full-suite HR platform that is able to hire, train and engage any team.

Not only that, it automates the hiring process, reducing admin time and ensuring teams attract and find the best talent.

Gupy is on a mission to boost business in Brazil through HR, and with thousands of companies already onboarded – it’s certainly making its mark!


These ten startups are just a glimpse of the innovation and creativity in Brazil’s startup ecosystem.

As we look to 2024, keeping an eye on these companies is essential for anyone interested in the future of technology, sustainability, and business in Brazil.