10 ClimateTech Startups Worth Knowing About

The landscape of ClimateTech is rapidly evolving, and the UK is at the forefront of this transformation.

With a surge in startups in the sector, the UK is at the forefront of sustainable solutions to some of the world’s biggest environmental challenges. Let’s take a look at some of the companies making waves in the space:

1. Piclo: Powering The Grids of Tomorrow


Piclo - Project LEO


Piclo is changing the way electricity grids are managed. Based in London, the company provides an operating system that optimises the distribution of renewable energy.

Their technology enables better integration of renewable sources into the grid, ensuring efficient energy usage and reducing waste. By focusing on smart grid technology, Piclo is playing a crucial role in supporting the transition to a more sustainable energy future.


2. Wefarm: Farming Through Technology


Wefarm, the World's Largest Farmer-to-Farmer Platform Unveils New Branding  by BMB | LBBOnline


London’s Wefarm is a beacon of innovation in agritech. It offers a farmer-to-farmer digital network that allows the exchange of valuable agricultural information via SMS, even in remote areas. This platform is crucial in bridging the information gap for farmers, helping them make informed decisions that enhance productivity and sustainability.

Wefarm’s unique approach has the potential to transform agricultural practices, making them more resilient to climate change.


3. CUR8: Pioneering Carbon Removal Markets


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CUR8, also located in London, is a forward-thinking startup focused on carbon removal. Its market-making platform is a novel solution to one of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

CUR8’s platform not only facilitates the trading of carbon credits but also incentivises companies to adopt more sustainable practices. This startup is at the forefront of developing market-based solutions to reduce carbon emissions.


4. Entocycle: Leading the Insect Farming Revolution


File:ENTOCYCLE-1862.png - Wikimedia Commons


Entocycle in London is pioneering sustainable insect farming. They produce high-quality, sustainable insect protein as an alternative to traditional animal feed, significantly reducing the environmental footprint of livestock farming.

Entocycle’s approach contributes to a circular economy, turning organic waste into valuable protein, and is a game-changer in the quest for sustainable food systems.


5. Altruistiq: Automating Sustainability Data Management


Jobs at Altruistiq - Otta - The only job search that does you justice


Altruistiq, based in London, is changing the way enterprises approach sustainability. Their platform automates the process of sustainability data measurement and management, offering businesses a comprehensive solution to track and reduce their environmental impact.

By integrating advanced analytics, Altruistiq enables companies to make informed decisions that align with their sustainability goals. Their innovative approach is transforming corporate responsibility, making it easier for businesses to contribute positively to the planet.



6. Brilliant Planet: Nature-Based Carbon Capture Solutions


Brilliant Planet Limited announces the closing of its $12 million Series A  funding co-led by Union Square Ventures and Toyota Ventures


Brilliant Planet has emerged as a leader in the field of nature-based carbon capture and storage. Operating from London, they utilise algae-based systems to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, leveraging natural processes to combat climate change.

Their technology not only captures carbon but also produces biomass, which can be used for various sustainable products. By blending innovative technology with natural processes, Brilliant Planet is carving a path towards a more sustainable and balanced relationship with our environment.


7. Clim8 Invest: Investing in a Sustainable Future


Clim8 | The app for sustainable investments


London’s Clim8 Invest is making waves in the world of sustainable investing. Their platform allows individuals to invest in companies that are actively combating climate change. Clim8 Invest curates portfolios that focus on renewable energy, clean technology, and sustainable practices, making it easier for the average person to contribute to a greener future through their investments.

Their approach democratises the fight against climate change, allowing anyone to support and benefit from companies that are leading the charge in sustainability. Clim8 Invest’s commitment to ethical investing is reshaping how people perceive and interact with financial markets, offering a more conscientious and forward-thinking investment strategy.


8. Concirrus: Transforming Insurance with Technology


Concirrus - Powering the future of marine insurance


Concirrus is transforming the specialty insurance industry with the latest technological advancements. Based in London, their platform leverages machine learning and data analytics to offer more accurate and efficient insurance solutions tailored to the needs of a rapidly changing world.

Concirrus is particularly focused on addressing the challenges posed by climate change, providing insurers with tools to assess and manage environmental risks more effectively. Their technology not only improves the accuracy of risk assessment but also encourages the adoption of sustainable practices among their clients. By integrating cutting-edge technology into the insurance sector, Concirrus is playing a critical role in promoting a more sustainable and resilient future.


9. Greyparrot: AI-Powered Waste Analytics


Greyparrot Logo Vector - (.SVG + .PNG) - FindLogoVector.Com


Greyparrot is at the forefront of applying AI technology to waste management. Their sophisticated AI-powered system provides comprehensive waste composition analysis, enabling more effective sorting and recycling processes.

Based in London, Greyparrot’s technology is vital in tackling the global waste crisis, as it enhances the efficiency and accuracy of waste sorting, leading to increased recycling rates and reduced landfill waste. Their commitment to innovation in waste management is setting a new standard in the industry and contributing significantly to more sustainable waste practices.


10. ev.energy: Smart Solutions for EV Charging


ev.energy - ArcTern Ventures


ev.energy, another London-based startup, is making a significant impact in the electric vehicle (EV) sector with its smart charging software. Their platform optimises the charging of EVs, reducing the cost and environmental impact of EV charging. By integrating with renewable energy sources, ev.energy ensures that EVs are charged at the most sustainable times.

Their user-friendly app also provides insights and controls to EV owners, enhancing the overall EV experience. ev.energy is not just facilitating the transition to electric vehicles; they are ensuring that this shift is as eco-friendly as possible, playing a vital role in the drive towards cleaner transportation.

These ten ClimateTech startups are just a glimpse of the innovation emerging from the UK. They are not only addressing environmental challenges but also paving the way for a sustainable future. With their cutting-edge solutions, these startups are setting the standard for ClimateTech globally, promising a greener, more sustainable world.