Startup Of The Week: Shaka

  • Shaka is a London-based startup using eSIM technology to offer custom mobile plans for brands.
  • Shaka eliminates barriers like legacy systems, high setup costs, and lengthy timelines in telecoms, making mobile plans easily accessible for brands.
  • Shaka’s products include a SaaS end-to-end product with a simple API, enabling brands to offer mobile plans instantly and cost-effectively.





What is Shaka?


Shaka is a startup headquartered in London, specialising in embedded mobile connectivity. It’s transforming the telecom industry by using eSIM technology to enable brands to provide mobile plans directly to consumers.

Founded in 2023, Shaka recently emerged from stealth mode, announcing a €1 million seed funding round. It’s making waves in the telecom sector by partnering with high-profile customers in entertainment, retail, and fintech.



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What Makes Shaka Unique?


Shaka’s uniqueness lies in its innovative approach to telecom services. It’s disrupting traditional telecom models by offering brands an easy, cost-effective way to provide mobile plans.

By leveraging eSIM technology, Shaka overcomes common hurdles such as lack of access to mobile infrastructure and high setup costs. This innovation not only simplifies the process for brands but also revolutionises customer engagement in the telecom industry.


Is There a Market for Embedded Mobile Connectivity?


Absolutely. The eSIM market, valued at $4.7 billion and expected to grow to $16.3 billion by 2027, shows immense potential. With 98% of operators planning to offer eSIM technology by 2025 and a predicted jump in eSIM penetration from 20% in 2023 to 80% in the next five years, the demand is skyrocketing.

Shaka’s entry into this market is timely, considering the industry’s shift towards eSIMs, especially with Apple’s move to eSIM-only handsets. This technological evolution presents a lucrative opportunity for brands to engage with customers more intimately and efficiently.


What Sets Shaka Apart from Its Competitors?

Shaka distinguishes itself through its human-first, quirky, and fun approach. Unlike traditional telecom services, Shaka offers unique experiences like employee music playlists and short wellness activities. This fresh take not only attracts users but also ensures they remain engaged without feeling overwhelmed or burnt out.


Where Can You Find Shaka?


Discover Shaka’s eSIM technology at