$4.5 M For World’s First Ever Plant-Based Fillet Mignon

Juicy Marbles raises $4.5 million to bring the world’s first premium plant-based, whole cut meat alternatives to market.

Plant-Based Whole Cuts

Juicy Marbles – the premium purveyor of plant-based, premium steaks, beginning with plant-based filet mignon – has raised $4.5 million in a Seed funding round, led by World Fund. Agfunder and leading angels from YCombinator and Fitbit also participated in the round.

Founded by a team of meat-eaters and vegans, Juicy Marbles is on a mission to reduce our reliance on animal agriculture in a way that even the most staunch carnivores can get behind. With a focus on premium plant-based meat products that never compromise on taste, price, convenience or quality, all while being sustainable and future-proofed, Juicy Marbles is set to be the first company to commercially release a plant-based filet mignon steak and open up a whole new category of plant-based meat.


Taking on the Rolls Royce of Whole Cuts

Juicy Marbles was founded by Luka Sinček, Maj Hrovat, Tilen Travnik and Vladimir Mićković in 2020 in an attempt to address this disconnect. Early on, they found that while there is increasing choice when it comes to plant-based meat alternatives such as sausages and burgers, the whole cut sector is largely lacking. This was because whole cuts were one of the plant-based industry’s biggest challenges. They are difficult to replicate due to the complex texture and intricate fat systems (marbling), particularly on a mass-market scale. Until Juicy Marbles.


Juicy Marbles steaks are not grown in a lab or 3D printed. Instead, the company has developed its own patent-pending 3D assembly technology. The technology enables it to create premium, A5 grade cuts of meat, with full control over the shape, texture, marbling, flavours, aromas and nutrition. Not only does it have the high-level marbling effect even the most discerning meat eaters will be used to, but it also comes with the same bold, rich flavour they’ve come to expect yet at the price of conventional meat. What’s more, plant-based steaks use non-saturated fats and are low in sodium, compared to meat equivalents.


Why Whole Cut Alternatives Are Key To A More Sustainable Food System

Animal agriculture takes up 83% of all agricultural land on earth, despite supplying only 18% of humanity’s food supply. Beef production alone uses nearly 60% of this land but accounts for less than 2% of calories consumed worldwide. By pioneering alternatives to whole cuts, Juicy Marbles believes it can help cut meat consumption in half by as soon as 2030. But plant-based meat isn’t just solving an environmental issue. With over 2 billion people struggling with food insecurity as a result of crop failure, deforestation and overgrazing, diverse protein sources can help tackle systemic inequalities in the global food system.

Tilen Travnik, co-founder and CEO at Juicy Marbles, said: “With our premium, A5 grade cuts of plant-based meat, we intend to achieve price parity already at launch, and beat the price of animal meat within the next 2-3 years. This funding will help us to scale up our operations and begin transforming the future of food. ”