70% of Carers Relying More Heavily on Tech

70% of carers in homecare have used more technology in their role over the past year. That’s according to a survey conducted by CareLineLive, the all-in-one homecare management system for domiciliary care agencies.


Increasing Reliance on Technology


When it comes to the impact that technology use has on their roles, 91% of respondents feel that technology helps to reduce the amount of time they spend on paperwork. 78% also feel safer in their roles by using technology and have peace of mind knowing that their managers can see their last checked in/out location.


Closer to Clients


The use of technology in the homecare sector has also had a positive impact on the amount of time carers are able to spend caring. Of the 33% of respondents that said they have spent more time with their clients over the past year, 48% noted that technology has helped with this.


Alongside this, 56% of carers feel closer to their clients’ families since the pandemic, and 35% have spent more time liaising with families of their clients to keep them up to date with their loved one’s care. The need for office visits has also reduced with 26% spending less time in the office than before the pandemic.


The Future is Bright


When asked about the perception of carers over the past year, 35% of respondents feel more valued (44% say no change) and 57% expect job satisfaction to improve over the next year.


The expected increase in job satisfaction has also impacted the amount of time carers expect to remain in care, with almost half (49%) planning to remain working as a carer for four years or more, and 33% planning to stay in care for ten years or more.


Josh Hough, founder and MD of CareLineLive, commented: “The impact technology has on the homecare sector for carers is incredible, empowering them to spend less time on paperwork and giving them more time to care. Attracting and retaining carers has long been a challenge in the sector, yet technology is helping agencies to make huge leaps in terms of improving job satisfaction and the amount of time carers stay in their roles.”

The survey also gave an opportunity for carers to provide feedback on technology and their perception of the homecare sector over the past year. It was positive to see that many carers found that the use of technology has given them more time to care, as well as providing clients’ families with the much needed support and contact they required during this time. Increased safety, better knowledge sharing, and better communication were also noted as key benefits of using technology in their roles