Amazon Receives 3 Billion Visits Per Month

New data reveals that Amazon is the world’s 5th most visited website with 3 billion visits a month.


The Global Power of Amazon

Amazon has established itself as an eCommerce giant attracting a significant number of shoppers globally. The position has resulted in ranking among the top-visited websites globally.

According to data acquired by Finbold, is the fifth most visited website globally, with 3 billion total visits as of September 2021. The website also recorded 0.7 billion unique visitors.

Amazon’s ability to score so highly indicates the global power of Amazon and its everyday importance for global users and their browsing habits.

Exceeding even the most popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Amazon’s multi-faceted purposes put it at top of the list, despite the fact that you can not use it for social interactions.

Importantly, the user base for Amazon grew in recent months following a surge in users due to the pandemic.

Key Players is the world’s most visited website with 45.4 billion visitors, while the unique visits stand at 3.1 billion. YouTube ranks second with 14.1 billion visits, while the unique visitors stand at 1.7 billion.

Social media giant Facebook ranks third at 11.2 billion visits while the unique visits stand at 1.5 billion. is in the fourth spot, recording 5.8 billion visitors while the unique visits stand at 1.4 billion.

Elsewhere, lies in the sixth spot with 2.9 billion visitors, followed by at 2.9 billion.’s 2.4 billion visitors place the platform in the eighth spot, while has 2.3 billion. Adult content platform is tenth with 2.2 billion visits.

Online Shopping Propels Positions Amazon Among Most Visited Websites

The report highlights factors propelling Amazon to rank among the most visited websites globally. According to the research report:

“Overall, there has been a significant shift towards eCommerce platforms in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic that was characterized by lockdowns. Consequently, as an established player in the field, Amazon was bound to benefit. The visitors’ numbers potentially indicate that Amazon has managed to sustain the users amid changing consumer behavior.”

Moving forward, Amazon will be compelled to keep leveraging on its innovative nature to have the competitive edge in the evolving eCommerce scene.