Apple Might Use Gemini For AI Features On iPhones

Apple and Google are reportedly discussing the integration of Google’s Gemini AI engine, making this a new feature for iPhones and AI as a whole, according to Bloomberg. This collaboration might develop a better iPhone software with advanced AI capabilities, completely changing how users would use their devices.


What Is The Stance For Apple x Gemini AI Agreement?


The negotiations between the tech companies suggest a deal that could include Google’s generative AI models into Apple’s ecosystem, aiming to introduce innovative functionalities to the iPhone.

“The two companies are exploring the possibility of Apple licensing Gemini to empower iPhone software enhancements,” as mentioned to Bloomberg. While discussions are ongoing, the specifics of the agreement remain undetermined.


What Would This Mean For Safari?


Should this partnership materialise, it would expand upon the current relationship between Apple and Google, where Google compensates Apple to maintain its position as the default search engine in Safari.

But, this prospective AI deal unfolds as both firms encounter regulatory evaluations due to their dominance and practices in the tech market.

The report also implies that Apple might be falling behind in developing its AI compared to Google. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has pledged the company’s engagement with AI, saying, “Apple will introduce thoughtful AI features to its platforms.” It seems, though, that Apple is essentially scouting for who will provide their AI capabilities.

Integrating Gemini could definitely enhance Siri’s abilities, placing Apple closer to AI-centric functionalities as newer competing devices seem to be doing as well.


How To Use Gemini AI On Apple For Now


While we wait for the announcement that Apple might make with Gemini AI, here’s how you can use Gemini AI on your iPhone in the meantime:


Accessing Gemini AI:

To start, visit the Gemini web app at using your iPhone. This platform allows you to brainstorm, summarise complex topics, and create drafts for various documents. Remember, you need a personal Google Account and must meet the age requirements – 18 in the European Economic Area, Switzerland, and the UK, or 13 and over in other countries.


Starting a Conversation:

After signing in to your Google Account, initiate a conversation by typing your question or prompt into the text box at the bottom of the page. You have the option to upload images to your prompts for more detailed assistance.


Editing and Running Code:

If you’re into coding, Gemini allows you to generate, edit, and run Python code directly within the web app. This is particularly useful for learning and debugging.


Managing Location Services:

Gemini can use your location to tailor responses to your region. You can update your location settings within the app for more accurate answers.


Mobile App Usage:

If you prefer using an app, the Gemini mobile app is available for some phones. Check its availability and how to set it up for your device. On iPhones, Gemini can be accessed through the Google app. Just switch to the Gemini tab at the top to start interacting with the AI.