Google Calendar Now Uses Gemini AI For Seamless Oganisation

Gemini, Google’s AI assistant, now lets you manage your Google Calendar. This means you can add, check, and change events using just your voice or a few taps.

“Gemini’s integration with Google Calendar helps users manage their time more effectively,” says Esteban Kozak, Director of Product Management at Google.


How Can I Make Use Of Gemini with My Calendar?

Integrating Gemini with Google Calendar simplifies how you manage your time. The ease of adding, updating, and querying events changing how traditional calendar management is done.

You no longer need to manually input data or scroll through dates; Gemini does the heavy lifting. For instance, you can ask, “What’s on my calendar for today?” and get a detailed rundown without opening the app.

With Gemini’s latest update, working with Google Calendar has become more interactive and proactive. Users can now command their calendars using simple speech, as Gemini understands plain English.

“Our goal with Gemini is to anticipate your scheduling needs by analysing your communications,” states Esteban Kozak. This development is aimed at reducing the hassle of manual calendar entries.


What Else Can Gemini Do?


Apart from managing your Google Calendar, Gemini offers a variety of other functionalities designed to enhance productivity and assist with daily tasks.

Writing and Learning

Gemini can assist with writing, brainstorming, and learning. The app enables users to improve their writing skills, correct grammar, and even translate text into different languages.

“Gemini gives you direct access to Google’s best family of AI models on your phone,” allowing for enhanced learning experiences through conversation and back-and-forth engagement with the app.

Gemini can also summarise information from Gmail or Google Drive, making it easier to get quick info without sifting through documents or emails manually.

This feature is particularly useful for students or professionals looking to quickly gather key points from vast amounts of data.

Daily Tasks and Planning

Gemini extends its functionalities to daily planning and task management. Users can generate images on the fly, use the app to make plans with Google Maps and Google Flights, and even create custom itineraries including flights and hotels based on specific needs.

The app allows for seamless integration with daily life, providing support for both personal and professional planning.

Also, Gemini lets users to ask questions about their surroundings by simply taking a photo and inquiring about it within the app. This feature is ideal for travelers or curious individuals who want to learn more about their environment without extensive research.


How Does Gemini Integrate with Other Google Services?


Gemini works hand-in-hand with Google Assistant on Android phones, offering a combined service that enhances user experience. While Google Assistant handles quick voice actions, Gemini steps in with advanced features like setting alarms, making phone calls, or controlling smart home devices.

“Gemini is still learning, so Google Assistant will help power some familiar quick voice action features,” ensuring users have a comprehensive assistant experience.

For those using Google Workspace, Gemini becomes an even more powerful tool. It integrates seamlessly with Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Meet, enabling users to access Gemini capabilities directly within these platforms.

This integration allows for a more fluid work process, reducing the need to switch between apps or tabs.