Arc, A New Search Engine Is Now Available For iOS

The Browser Company, known for its Arc browser, has taken a bold step in the world of web browsing with the introduction of its new iOS application, Arc Search. This app, blending the functions of a browser and a search engine, integrates artificial intelligence algorithms. The unique feature of Arc Search is its ability to create personalised pages with answers to user queries, with AI-driven algorithms.


Arc Search’s Key Features: A Glimpse into the Future of Browsing


Arc Search presents itself as a modern and swift mobile browsing experience with artificial intelligence at its core.

Key features include an auto-up keyboard for quicker searches, ad, tracker, and banner blocking, and a “Browse for Me” function. This function, as described by a user, Sylvan Whisperer, “summarises many webpages at once and finds answers faster.” The app also includes a feature to auto-archive inactive tabs and a reader mode for minimising distractions during browsing.

The Browser Company, in its quest for innovation, plans to enhance Arc Search further by incorporating AI algorithms from OpenAI and other leading companies.


User Feedback and App Evolution: A Positive Start


Early user feedback indicates a positive response to Arc Search. A user named DoomBlah appreciates the app’s objectives, stating, “I like what Arc Search is trying to do. It’s better than the Arc companion app for sure.”

The positive reception is further echoed by Anon82737, who expresses excitement about the app’s release, considering it a massive upgrade from the previous Arc browser.

The latest version of Arc Search, as of January 29, 2024, introduces several improvements, including new default search engines, access to archived tabs, and enhanced haptic feedback. These updates demonstrate The Browser Company’s commitment to refining user experience and addressing user suggestions.


Arc Browser’s Niche Innovation and Evolution: A Browsing Experience


Arc, the browser developed by The Browser Company, distinguishes itself by aiming to act as an “operating system for the web.” Released in April 2022, Arc integrates web browsing with built-in applications and features, such as a virtual notepad, a scrapbook-style “easel,” and the unique “boosts” feature, allowing users to redesign websites cosmetically. The browser uses vertical tabs in a sidebar, a departure from conventional browsers.

Designed with customisation in mind, Arc allows users to pick the colour scheme during installation, enhancing the browsing experience. The browser is based on Chromium, written in Swift, and supports Chrome browser extensions, ensuring familiarity and flexibility for users.


Arc’s Features and Integrations: A Comprehensive Browsing Experience


Arc incorporates features like vertical tabs stored in a sidebar, controls for audio playback within the sidebar, and a search bar akin to Apple’s Spotlight feature. The browser’s ability to organise tabs into “spaces” with distinct themes and profiles provides users with a unique organisational approach. Built-in applications, including an easel for collecting webpage screenshots and a notebook accessible from the search bar, contribute to a comprehensive browsing experience.

Arc’s innovative “boosts” feature, allowing users to customise websites using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, received an update in 2023, introducing a simplified interface. Despite the positive reviews, some users express concerns, emphasising the need for further polish to ensure a smooth browsing experience.


Arc Search’s Vision for the Future: Integrating Browsing, Search, and AI


Arc Search represents The Browser Company’s vision for the future of internet searches. The app seamlessly combines the functions of a web browser, search engine, and AI chatbot. The app’s unique “Browse for Me” function was demonstrated by a user searching for information about a recent Chiefs game. Instead of providing a list of search queries, Arc Search created a summarised webpage about the game, showcasing the company’s idea that a browser, search engine, AI chatbot, and website are components of a unified internet information finder.

The latest development in The Browser Company’s journey is the availability of Arc Search on iOS. Windows users can also join the waitlist on their official site. This expansion to iOS, and soon Windows, further opens the doors for users to experience the innovative features of Arc Search on their Apple devices. Now, iOS users can explore the seamless integration of browsing, search, and AI, all within a single app.