Fine Art And AI Bring To Life Dozens Of Pioneers In Stunning Pionauts NFT Collection

A few of the most brilliant AI minds globally and some of the best artists from nine countries came together months ago to bring back to life 150 of the world’s top historical pioneers in a unique NFT collectible series called the Pionauts that will have awesome utility for its holders.

In creating them, the Pionauts team reimagined the NFT space by fusing digital art and advanced AI technology and telling a new story. The Pionauts is a rare NFT collection that incorporates art juxtaposing by using historical figures, bringing them into the modern age, and launching them into the future as pioneering astronauts.

The Pionauts takes those who choose to collect them on a journey from the past through to the future in an unprecedented opportunity to hold these rare collectibles that come with ongoing royalties from future comics, games, brand partnerships, educational programs and movies. All these medium and long-term projects are already in the exploration stages.

Applying Deep Learning technology and months of manual retouching, a collection of 8,500 unique variations has been created with modified characteristics such as age, facial features and expressions. They gave the Pionauts natural movement on MP4.

Pionaut collectors also get access to a free JPG of their NFT to print out as posters. They come in an unusually high resolution of 3000×3000 pixels.

The dozens of pioneers brought back to life include William Shakespeare, Nefertiti, Napoleon, Aristotle, Charles Darwin, Joan de Arc, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Albert Einstein, Vincent van Gogh, Ludwig van Beethoven, Mozart, and Nelson Mandela. In consultation with the growing community, the Pionauts team decided to create 50% male and 50% female pioneers.

The Pionauts collection is digital art created for the collector to connect with emotionally. The goal was to make collectors feel like they know the Pionaut and that the historical figure is looking back at them as they contemplate this exceptional art form.

The team took the pioneers and transformed them into Pionauts, reimagining the future of NFT art and bridging the past to the future via AI. Our technology brings our digital art to life. It is the convergence of art and technology. We’ve made history futuristic. We’ve brought historical figures to life and launched them into the future.

The Convergence Of Art And Technology

The evolution of art has gone through several phases and stages. We are now seeing the application of technology as part of that evolution. However, very few artists are pushing the boundaries and creating art using new technology applications, such as AI.

The Pionauts stand out from an industry of digital art and NFTs, currently one of the fastest-growing digital asset classes.

A Reuters report said sales of NFTs rose to $10.7 billion in the third quarter of 2021. That is more than eight times more than the previous quarter. NFTs use blockchain to record the ownership of digital items such as images, videos, collectibles, and even land in virtual worlds, and more, according to Reuters.

Pionauts are among very few recreated using authentic imagery fused with technology. The majority of the contemporary digital art created is flat, pixelated, cartoon-based, or computer-generated. There has been little to no innovation.

There is a need for more unique stories around NFTs, something that gives the collector the ability to connect on a deeper level, not just be an investment or a part of the newest craze. An opportunity exists to deliver a narrative that pushes the boundaries of what art is, what art can physically do and what forms it can take.

That is what a team of two of the top-five AI professionals and artists set out to do several months ago. The team behind Pionauts were able to take the pioneers and map them out to create lifelike modern-day people. They merged two different historical figures to see what they would look like via our technology.

Modifying The Pioneers’ Genes

The creators of Pionauts also modified the “genes” of their selected group of historic pioneers converting their age, facial features, and facial expressions.

“This is what William Shakespeare would look like if he had been younger or older. Our advanced ways of working allow us to create hi-res digital art that is so lifelike that if you were to zoom in on the painting background, you are able to see the ‘brush strokes’ as if painted by hand, and if you zoom in on the pioneer’s skin, you can see his skin texture and even his detailed pores.”

Digital NFT art has evolved, but technology has not been used to the degree that it could change the space. We hope to be the pioneers in pushing how people see and experience digital NFT art. Art can be so many things. We can change the conversation around NFT art with digitalization and advanced technologies and open up a new world to artists.

The unique Pionauts NFT collection launches on 28 April 2022.