Better Business Network | Cohort Two Launched


The Better Business Network Is Opening Its Doors To New Members For An Exclusive Period before COP26.


People, Planet, Profit


A new Business Network focused on helping Business Owners in the UK to put people and the planet, alongside profit, at the heart of their purpose and create systemic change is opening its doors to new members for the last time this year ahead of COP 26.


With occupational burnout now classified as a disease, and the impact of Coronavirus and Brexit overwhelming many UK business owners, the Better Business Network helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs from failing due to burnout and overwhelm, while also helping them create a bigger impact through collaboration.


Peer-to-Peer Collective


The core of the Better Business Network is a peer-to-peer collective that connects and supports Business Leaders so that they can create a bigger impact. The money that members invest into the network is used directly to help their businesses grow, provide bespoke support and help all Business Leaders work towards attaining the UN Sustainable Development Goals while looking after their own wellbeing.


It’s estimated that a new sustainable economy centred on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals could be worth $12 trillion. The Network will provide a way for Business Leaders to grow their impact, income and audience without experiencing burnout.


The network started during the pandemic to support business growth and innovation born from the frustration of the lack of holistic approaches by existing institutions.

Collaboration is Key


Founder Hannah Cox believes that for business owners across all industries, sharing best practice and resources is the key to success; “I love the quote by Ryunosuke Satoro: ‘Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.’ We are in the middle of a climate emergency and the impact of the work we all do on society and the environment is key to supporting solutions to this crisis.”


A unique part of this is the transparency of the community finances. More than 30% of the revenue allows all members to be part of a Climate Positive Workforce with Ecologi and supports high impact non-profit organizations through their partnership with 1% For The Planet.


The Better Business Network hopes to help thousands of Business Owners raise £100,000 in the first 12 months as well as campaigning for government policy change. Campaigning for systemic change in government policies can have a huge impact on the social and environmental impact that businesses make. The Better Business Network team believes the government should help businesses that are trying to be more sustainable and compete in a fairer market.


Doors close on Sunday 31st October, Businesses can apply to join on site now with limited places available to allow every new member to be properly welcomed and supported with a welcome programme and business development team.