ANNOUNCED! TechRound’s Top 38 Sustainable Tech Companies and Startups!

Sustainable Tech

TechRound is Delighted to Announce Our Top 38 Sustainable Tech Companies and Startups of 2021!


Sustainability is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s society, with more and more consumers opting for new environmentally friendly options over their usual favourite products. Responding to this demand and acting on their own ethos, many brands now align themselves as sustainable companies or startups.

The Top 38 Sustainable Tech Companies and Startups were chosen by TechRound’s internal team who considered a range of criteria, as outlined below. Our team would like to thank every company who applied to be in our Top 38 Sustainable Tech Companies and Startups of 2021, and congratulate those included!


Our Criteria

  • The potential to bring about active change to help reduce environmental impact.
  • The clarity of the message of the importance of sustainability being portrayed.
  • The quality and usability of the products/services offered.


What is Sustainable Technology?

Sustainable technology is an umbrella term that describes innovation considering natural resources and fostering economic and social development. These technologies aim to drastically reduce environmental risk and impact, and create a sustainable product. There are several ways that a product could adopt sustainable technology: substitution, where non-biodegradable materials shift to biodegradable ones and non-renewable resources are replaced with renewable ones; prevention, where the product prevents negative environmental impacts; and efficiency, where the technology is efficient in its use of energy and resources.


See the TechRound Top 38 Sustainable Tech Companies and Startups in 2021:


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