49. Tynt Technologies, Inc.

Company: Tynt Technologies, Inc.

Founder: Ameen Saafir

Website: https://tynt.io


About Tynt Technologies, Inc.

Tynt Technologies was founded in 2020 by Ameen Saafir, Professor Mike McGehee, John Dwyer, Dr. Tyler Hernandez, and Dr. Michael Strand. Tynt is developing elegant, ultra-climate-friendly windows that adapt to your changing needs throughout the day, giving you complete control of visible light and solar heat gain. Our patented energy-efficient technology, Reversible Metal Electrodeposition (RME), was developed at Stanford University and CU Boulder, supported by the Department of Energy. RME uses electric current to dynamically form a metal film inside the window, control the light and heat flow, and tint to any level.

Our mission is to optimize human health and comfort in the home by intuitively controlling daylight and privacy with dynamic windows. Our vision is to tackle the traditional notion that windows are simple openings to the outdoors. With dynamic windows, we are taking steps towards creating living, connected homes that coexist with the natural environment, leading us toward a sustainable future. We will optimize human health and comfort, while reducing overall energy consumption and lowering carbon emissions, without sacrificing privacy, convenience, or beauty.

Windows are often the leakiest place in a home in terms of energy waste. They are responsible for an astonishing 30% of lost energy on average — even newer ones. If you are looking to green your home and save money on energy, Tynt is a better energy investment than solar. Our windows pay for themselves in as little as 2 years.

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