48. Wikifactory

Company: Wikifactory

Founders: Christina Rebel, Nicolai Peitersen, Tom Salfield, and Max Kampik

Website: https://wikifactory.com/


About Wikifactory

Wikifactory started in 2017 with a vision to build the Internet of Production (IoP), which aims democratise access to the advances in design and manufacturing to support the transition towards sustainable production by means of more resilient and agile supply chains.

Production and manufacturing processes are being disrupted and COVID and the supply chain shocks of 2022 are urging design to manufacturing processes to come online, yet navigating the opportunities for virtual collaboration remains uncertain for the majority of SMEs. At the same time, advances are also paving the way for more sustainable, local and regenerative models of production.

Wikifactory’s platform enables designers and mechanical engineers to complete the end-to-end product lifecycle online, collaboratively and highly efficiently. Designers and engineers can share, review, collaborate and iterate together in one digital thread and ensure that iteration is streamlined at each stage from the prototyping process to market – reducing waste and unnecessary resources. Transparency and accessibility to the source of truth in design to production impacts the moment they need to engage with manufacturers, where a breakdown of supplier communications can cost thousands in failed production runs and stocking piles of waste in landfills. In engaging with quality-assured, regional manufacturers on Wikifactory, product companies can realise more sustainable practices. The platform covers the complete ecosystem for design to production that results in more accurate products and more sustainable supply chains. Through our platform, we make it possible for companies to adopt sustainable manufacturing practices and take action to reduce their environmental impact.

Mechanical engineers and stakeholders now have a new way of manufacturing and everyone, regardless of location, has access to the resources and tools they need to make great products that solve real-world problems. With 1,000s of products created on the platform aligned with the United Nations framework for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Product Companies are tackling issues from Clean Energy to Clean Water, Good Health to Life on Land on Wikifactory by using smart manufacturing and appropriate design to realise new solutions together, for those in need. Wikifactory itself addresses SDGs 9, and 17.6 by facilitating useful technological and industrial participation worldwide.

Projects such as The Refrigeration Project which is developing an Off the Grid Refrigeration Solution for the Developing World and Dronecoria, which is developing drones for environmental restoration are just two examples of the thousands of products created and produced on the Wikifactory platform.



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