47. SkyCell

Company: SkyCell

Founder: Nico Ros

Website: https://www.skycell.ch/


About SkyCell

Founded in Zurich in 2012, SkyCell makes the pharmaceutical supply chain safer and more sustainable through a combination of software, hardware, and big data. It is the innovator of reusable temperature-controlled hybrid containers that reduce medicine spoilage rates and lower the carbon emissions of medical transportation.

Each year, the global healthcare industry emits two gigatons of C02, making it the fifth-largest emissions contributor in the world. A large share of this is a result of the energy-intensive nature of transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. SkyCell helps to protect healthcare systems by reducing the spoilage of medicines in transit to almost zero. With an independently audited temperature-excursion rate of less than 0.1%, the need to remanufacture and reship medicines is minimized, thus reducing wasted logistics, energy, and resources.

With sustainability in its DNA, SkyCell uses more than 90% recyclable materials and repairs containers to ensure their longevity, rather than throwing old ones away in favour of building new ones. For the parts that can’t be reused or repaired, the aim is to recycle 90% of their total weight. The rest will go to high-quality and strictly-regulated Swiss waste incineration plants, which produce heat and electricity for the Swiss energy system.

SkyCell is a climate-neutral company (Scope 1 & 2 compensated) and has committed to the goal of being end-to-end net zero by 2040. Its sustainability targets are science led and aligned with both the Paris Agreement and UN sustainable development goals.

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