50. Positive Luxury

Company: Positive Luxury

Founder: Diana Verde Nieto

Website: https://www.positiveluxury.com/


About Positive Luxury

Positive Luxury, a London-based B-corp company that recently expanded its sustainability efforts into North America, helps luxury organizations and brands accelerate their adaptation to the new climate economy. The company powers the Butterfly Mark, the luxury industry’s leading sustainability certification. The New Digital Certification Enables Organizations to Demonstrate Their ESG+ Sustainability Performance Helping Consumers to Make Conscious Purchase Decisions in Just One Click.

Diana Verde Nieto Co-fonded Positive Luxury 2011.

Positive Luxury sets out to help companies adapt and transition to a new climate economy by assessing their ESG performance, forecasting social and environmental risks and opportunities, and future-proof their business against societal and legislative shifts.


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