Cano Water Leads the #breakupwithplastic Movement at Wimbledon

Cano Water, the leading brand of canned water providing a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles, is taking a bold stance against Wimbledon’s ongoing partnership with Evian, highlighting the environmental impact of single-use plastic.

Cano Water’s new campaign, #breakupwithplastic, aims to raise awareness, promote sustainable choices, and encourage Wimbledon and its attendees to embrace more eco-friendly alternatives.

Wimbledon, known for its commitment to sustainability (Wimbledon Sustainability Report), has been partnering with Evian as the official drink sponsor for the past 15 years. Despite recent efforts by Evian, including the provision of reusable bottles to tennis players, the tournament still generates a staggering 250,000 plastic bottles each year.

Cano Water believes it is time for Wimbledon to break free from this “toxic relationship” with single-use plastic and forge a new, sustainable future.

The #breakupwithplastic campaign will kick off on July 11, 2023, during the Wimbledon tournament. A billboard van, fully electric and carbon-neutral, will circulate the Wimbledon area, featuring the provocative message, “Hey Wimbledon, are you stuck in a toxic relationship? Call the Cano water helpline for free on: 02080897955.”

Cano Water employees, wearing T-shirts with the Cano water helpline and the campaign slogan “#breakupwithplastic,” will engage with attendees, distributing Cano water samples and initiating conversations about the need to switch to sustainable alternatives, such as cans.

To amplify their message, Cano Water is launching a helpline on the same day. Attendees and concerned individuals can call the helpline to hear a voicemail that speaks directly to Wimbledon to “break up with plastic.”

The cheeky and informative helpline message will guide callers to Cano Water’s website for further information and inspiration to transition away from single-use plastic.

Cano Water’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond this campaign. The brand has been a pioneer in using infinitely recyclable aluminium cans as an alternative to plastic bottles.

Aluminium cans have a significantly higher recycling rate and can be recycled repeatedly without loss of quality. Cano Water’s sleek and minimalist design, along with resealable lids for on-the-go hydration, further enhances their appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Josh White, Founder of Cano Water, says “At Cano Water we know that consumers are constantly lied to about the difference between recyclable and recycled. Only 9% of plastic is successfully recycled and most of it ends up in landfill or leaking into the environment. Aluminium is the most recyclable material on the planet and that’s why we created Cano Water. The recycling rate of aluminium cans is nearly 75% in the UK and growing. We must come together to call out brands to not bottle it and break up with plastic! Large brands such as Wimbledon should lead by example.”

The campaign will be documented by a videographer, and captivating content will be shared on Cano Water’s social media channels to engage a wider audience in the discussion around sustainable choices.

To learn more about Cano Water, their mission to reduce plastic waste, and the benefits of canned water, please visit their website at