93. CanO Water

Company Name: CanO Water

Website: https://www.canowater.com/

Founders: Josh White, Ariel Booker and Perry Alexander Fielding

Business: CanO Water sells natural spring water in environmentally sustainable packaging, trying to improve the damaging effects of plastic waste on the environment.

Founders Josh White, Ariel Booker and Perry Alexander Fielding created CanO Water after an eye-opening trip to badly littered beaches in Thailand. CanO Water was created to help in the fight against plastic, and to further improve upon the environmental sustainability of consumer products.

CanO Water, as suggested in by the name, is a can of natural spring water (available in both still and sparkling) that is packaged in an infinitely recyclable aluminium can, coming with either a resalable or ring-pull opening.

The average CanO Water can consists of 68% completely recycled material, and once recycled goes from the bin to stores all within a time period of 60 days. Another benefit to these cans over the average plastic bottle of water is that it stays cooler for longer, and therefore are better at keeping water refreshingly cold compared to the standard bottle of water.

The three co-founders of the company have made CanO Water with a great cause in mind, and have grown astronomically since its creation in 2015 – the cans now being sold in such big retail brands as Selfridges, Tesco, WHsmith and Whole Foods, in addition to being stocked for one of the Oscars after-parties.

Co-Founder of CanO Water Josh White has claimed that success for a business all comes down to communication, a good idea and the right timing. He claims that “Obviously it’s still hard as a start-up, but the three of us are big believers in test and learn, in trying something different – seeing if it works, or learning if it fails. And making those judgement calls relies on constant collaboration and smooth, quick communication.”