94. Actijoy

Company: Actijoy

Website: https://www.actijoy.com/

Founders: Jana Rosenfelderová, Robert Hašek, Martin Homolka

Business: Track your dog’s food, water and activity levels.

Founded in 2016, it has been scientifically proving the using Actijoy can help to prolong the life of your dog by up to two years as it can help to detect anomalies in your dog’s habits early on, helping to reduce the risk of potential health issues. As a result, having Actijoy can also save money on veterinary care expenses.

Each owner receives an Actijoy Buddy Pack when they sign up, which is made up of three parts. There is the Health & Activity Tracker, the smart Food & Water bowl and then the app.


Over a short amount of time, the app quickly collects data on the normal daily baseline for you dog and then evaluates this data on your behalf. It is also possible for owners to track the progress of multiple dogs all at the same time, with each having their own view in the Actijoy app.