95. Pointy


Company: Pointy

Website: https://www.pointy.com/us

Founders: Charles Blibby, Mark Cummins

Business: The Irish startup helps local stores to easily get online and promoted across different search engines and platforms., automatically, helping small stores to get more customers.

All shop owners need to do, is to, use a barcode scanner connected to a Pointy box, or if you use a POS system it is possible to download the Pointy app, which is completely free. After this has been done, the shop’s products appear on your Pointy page, completely automatically with no need for any data entry, saving considerable time and money. Furthermore, Pointy helps local stores and their products to appear higher in Google search results and other platforms too.

The co-founders, one of which previously co-founded Plink, a search engine company that then became acquired by Google in 2010, was founded, started the business in Dublin in 2014. Their passion to make it easier than ever before to find products from local stores around the world has so far been a staggering success.