96. Ape Snacks

Company Name: Ape Snacks

Website: https://apesnacks.com/

Founders: Zack Nathan

Business: Ape Snacks is a London-based health foods company that offers a range of healthy, 100% natural ingredient, coconut-based snacks.

Ape Snacks aims to provide delicious, natural treats to both promote healthy eating and living, whilst also providing good-quality energy boosts for its on-the-go customers. The company was founded in 2014 by Zack Nathan, after being inspired by a mixture of his childhood diet and experience in America. Before traveling to America (for university) Zack’s mum made him a fried cinnamon and coconut flake treat, which first sparked the idea to sell similar healthy snacks.

Once Zack had arrived in America, the Ape Snack founder quickly discovered college life was not for him, and decided to drop out in his first year. Due to both his Mother’s healthy treats and Zack’s first-hand experience with the lack of genuinely healthy food available to him during his time at university, the CEO then decided to pursue the healthy snack business venture that is Ape Snacks.

In addition to these two pivotal inspirations for the business, the company is also built on the same ethos its founder was raised on, Zack Nathan has previously mentioned that his family “eat according to the paleo lifestyle. Essentially, this just means that we try to eat real, whole, foods found in nature. Nothing fancy – just foods that our bodies are meant to be eating”.


Zack Nathan created Ape Snacks with the goal to make people feel great in their eating and snacking habits by getting back in touch with 100% natural ingredients (hence the name Ape Snacks!).

Since the company’s creation in 2014, it has scaled to an impressive multi-million-pound turnover, and achieved distribution in all of the UK’s main retailers and many international European markets as well. Some of the main brands that stock Ape Snacks include the likes of Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Boots, Amazon and Fenwick. The company has since been sold to a private, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) investor.