97. Brainbroker

Company Name: Brainbroker

Website: https://brainbroker.net/

Founders: Larry Kotch and Jonathan Lemer

Business: Digital marketing agency helping startups and SMEs acquire more customers online.

Founded in October 2015, the London startup currently based in Bethnal Green is a specialist web design, SEO and PPC marketing agency. With a particular focus on startups and SMEs, the company has expanded dramatically in its first 4 years, and now has a total of 27 staff.

With development operations also in Bosnia, the agency has attracted large clientele including Funding Options, Grakn AI and McDonalds.


The company started with a seed funding of £150,000 in November 2017 from Jenson Funding Partners.

Co-Founder Larry Kotch commented: “Our aim is to enable thousands of small businesses to successfully complete projects in areas like web development, digital marketing and data science but without many of the drawbacks associated with traditional consultancies, agencies and freelancer platforms.”