98. Deeper Sonar

Company: Deeper Sonar

Website: https://deepersonar.com/global/all

Founders: Aurelijus Liubinas

Business: A smart, wireless, cast-able sonar that is used with your iOS and Android smartphone or tablet to help you locate fish, find temperatures and explore bottom structure. They are specifically designed to be versatile, meaning they can be used for any fishing type whatsoever, whether it be boat, shore or ice fishing.


How does the Fishfinder work?

The sonar device (which stands for sound navigation ranging) is able to measure how long it takes for the sound wave to travel down and back up, using the very same echo-location that dolphins use. This enables the device to judge the depth of the objected its reflected off.

The startup came onto the market a few years ago and has been phenomenally successful as a result of its creativity and its usage of cutting-edge technology. Deeper Sonar now offers a selection of products, including 3 sonar models. The fish finders are now available in over 50 countries worldwide and the app has had a whopping 1 million downloads in total so far.