99. Sewport

Company: Sewport

Website: https://sewport.com/

Founder: Boris Hodakels

Business: Sewport is a FashionTech Marketplace connecting brands and manufacturers.

Sewport makes starting a fashion brand easier by removing the complexity and guiding young brands through the process. The startup has built a system that allows anyone, without experience or connections in the industry, to create products and be connected to manufacturers. With Sewport, anyone can turn their ideas into a product and become the next big thing in fashion.



Sewport speeds up and simplifies the way brands and manufacturers interact. New users can search specifically for their needs and finds manufacturers who can help them create their products, cutting out the hours they might otherwise spend trawling the internet and making countless enquires. With over 1,000 verified manufacturers to choose from, brands can find a good deal for exactly what they need. The platform gives equal exposure to all factories and allows brands to rate and review their experiences.

Launched in 2017, the Sewport platform has been on a mission to make the clothing manufacturing process seamless, acting as a one stop shop for bands, helping young brands to flourish in an industry with a very steep learning curve. The company is decided to introducing changes to the messy logistics of getting from a sketch to a fit sample.

Sewport is part of the highly acclaimed Fuel Ventures accelerator in London and in October 2018 raised a funding round of £650,000.