100. Baby2Body

Company Name: Baby2Body

Website: https://baby2body.com/#/

Founders: Melinda Nicci

Business: Baby2Body is a coaching platform focused on the fitness, wellbeing and overall health of women both throughout and following their pregnancy.

Founded in 2014, Baby2Body was developed by Melinda Nicci after experiencing the lack of both resources and encouragement to stay fit and healthy throughout her pregnancy. Nicci wanted to be healthy during her pregnancy whilst also ensuring the health and protection of her baby. The founder knew she wasn’t alone in her frustration, claiming that the majority of information out there was “outdated, not always credible, and confusing, which leads to uncertainty and anxiety”.

With a background in health and fitness (being both a fitness trainer and sport psychologist) Nicci was then inspired to help provide women with the best information and coaching on how to safely stay fit and improve health. Through this, Baby2Body was ‘born’ (excuse the pun!) and claimed to be “addressing one of the biggest needs for women all over the world: knowing what to do to have a healthy baby and a happy, healthy pregnancy.”

Baby2Body is an online coaching service, personalised to each of its users through such points of information as current lifestyle, if this pregnancy is their first or second etc. The platform then provides its clients with the most recent health and lifestyle advice backed-up by solid evidence. This service is provided online via both a website and mobile app, allowing Mothers access to the Baby2Body services wherever and whenever.


The platform has been backed by numerous different investors, collecting an impressive £1.3 million in funding. The startup was accepted onto Telefonica’s Wayra accelerator in London and has been working out of its offices in Piccadilly. Although the service is now only focused on women during pregnancy, Nicci hopes to expand her services to all women from across the globe.