92. Medic Mind


Company: Medic Mind

Website: https://www.medicmind.co.uk/

Founders: Kunal Dasani and Mohil Shah

Business: Medic Mind offers online courses and mentoring to help students get into medical school and has already helped 1000’s of students world wide.

After being voted the best UK Medical Start Up 2017, Medic Mind has a noble goal, to widen access to medical education by creating an affordable and student friendly product. Many students need support to pass the medical entrance exams posed by universities, to this end Medic Mind supports students with books, online learning and one-to-one tuition. Not only are Medic Mind’s prices about 30% of the market average, but for every student taught, the founders insist on giving free education to someone who cannot afford it.

The company has an impressive 98% satisfaction rate from their customers and claims have a 92% university success rate. The startup offers a range of easy to use tools to help students pass the two entrance exams – the UKCAT and the BMAT – as well as offering career advice, interview training and help for aspiring dentists.

At aged 21, Kunal and Mohil set out to turn their passion for education and teaching into a business. Both former medical students at University College London, Kunal and Shah created Medic Mind to help the future generation of medics. Having first hand experience of the stresses of medical school admission, the founders saw a gap in the market for an affordable product, that aligns with the needs of it’s 17 year-old audience.