CASEKOO Introduces the Magic Stand CloudCush Version iPhone Case

As excitement builds around the imminent launch of the iPhone 15, CASEKOO, a leading name in phone accessories, is poised to steal the spotlight. The company has unveiled its innovative product: the Magic Stand CloudCush Version iPhone Case, offering not just aesthetic appeal but also unparalleled protection for the iPhone 15. Here are the standout features users can look forward to:

Redefining Protection With Air Cushion Technology

Bringing the concept of air-cushioning to phone protection, CASEKOO drew inspiration from the athletic world where air cushion technology is used to optimize comfort and shock absorption in running shoes. The team spent three years meticulously refining this idea, and the result is nothing short of groundbreaking: an iPhone case that’s filled with air, acting like a 360° protective car airbag for your device.

Going beyond standard protection, the case uses advanced air cushioning that delivers comprehensive safety with 16ft military-grade drop protection, ensuring that the phone remains unscathed from unforeseen drops, shocks, and daily wear and tear.

Invisible Magic Stand

Seamlessly incorporated into the design, the Magic Stand offers viewing flexibility, ranging from a gentle 40° tilt to a commanding 120°. It provides users the convenience of a hands-free experience. Whether watching content or on a video call, the stand guarantees stability and versatility.

Magsafe and Wireless Charging Compatibility

To keep users in sync with contemporary technology, the case is designed to be fully compatible with MagSafe accessories and wireless charging configurations.

The Perfect Fusion: CloudCush & MagicStand

Bridging style with functionality, the Magic Stand CloudCush Version Case ensures your iPhone stays secure. It’s not just about protection; it’s about living a life where MagSafe accessories snap on with ease, and a stand is always ready to free your hands.

For an interactive experience with the Magic Stand CloudCush Version iPhone Case, enthusiasts can explore the CASEKOO website.


Founded in 2017, CASEKOO is a dynamic designer brand specializing in smartphone accessories. We’re committed to being the most understanding artistic creators for our customers. Our products are designed to help customers achieve self-expression and embrace their individual uniqueness. We take immense pride in crafting products that meet the needs of our customers and bring them joy.