Is Your iPhone 15 Overheating? This Might Be Why…

The iPhone 15, recently announced as the pinnacle of Apple’s innovation, has been gathering attention for the wrong reasons.

Early purchasers have taken to social media platforms to report overheating issues, causing discomfort and raising concerns about the device’s performance and safety.


Reports of Extreme Heat


Several users have shared their experiences with the iPhone 15 Pro Max heating up significantly. Tech reviewers like Ian Zelbo and Mohit Verma posted alarming tweets about their devices reaching temperatures over 100°F, especially during activities like fast charging and video calls.

This problem seems to be made worse by the lack of active cooling in the iPhone’s design, as demonstrated through thermal imaging comparisons with competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.


Thermal Imaging Analysis


Thermal imaging reveals a concentration of heat in specific spots on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, especially around the mainboard area. The absence of an effective cooling mechanism results in localised overheating, leading to discomfort and potential performance issues.


Performance and Chip Management


Tests conducted on the iPhone 15 Pro Max indicate a significant decrease in chip performance under heavy loads, resulting in a 25% loss in just two minutes. This suggests a possible thermal management issue that impacts the device’s overall performance and user experience.

Some users speculate that the overheating might be related to the use of specific charging hardware, such as a 65W USB PD GaN charger.

Additionally, there are theories about certain apps, like Instagram, triggering excessive heat generation. However, the exact cause remains unclear.


Is It a Bug or a Design Flaw?


The question arises: Is this overheating issue a bug or a fundamental flaw in the iPhone 15’s design? While all smartphones experience some heat during charging due to physics, the significant performance throttling suggests a deeper problem. It could be a software bug that Apple needs to address promptly, or it might indicate a need for substantial improvements in the iPhone’s thermal management system.




The iPhone 15 overheating issue raises concerns about Apple’s latest flagship device. Early buyers have reported discomfort and performance problems, indicating a potential flaw in the device’s system.

While the exact cause remains unclear, it is important for Apple to investigate these reports thoroughly and provide timely solutions, either through software updates or hardware revisions, to ensure a seamless user experience and uphold the device’s reputation in the market.