Chanty’s Makeover: A New Website for a New Future

Chanty, one of the fastest-growing business communication platforms, has relaunched its new and improved website: The main purpose of the launch is to make the overall Chanty user experience as smooth, informative, and valuable as possible for all worldwide customers.

Having been around for five years, Chanty has taken the opportunity to enhance their website as a thank you to their trusted and beloved existing customers, as well as a welcome to all future clients and customers. The Chanty team carefully took all customer feedback and suggestions about the website on board and combined them with their vision of the perfect product.

Dmytro Okunyev, CEO of Chanty said: “We’ve achieved so much in the recent 3 years, so we wanted to present it to the dear visitors of our website to show how amazingly Chanty grew together with the businesses of its beloved customers and users.”

The new website will deliver an impeccable user experience, an enlightening and enjoyable blog, and exemplary customer service, among much more. We hope this will simplify the choice for teams and businesses on which business tool they can trust to improve their communication, collaboration, and productivity, as well as how to accomplish that in the most efficient way possible. Our goal from day one was to provide the utmost value possible, and the launch of our new website is a key milestone that will help us achieve that.”

“Our new website is designed to be more accessible to people who are not tech-savvy and may need some help,” said Mia Naumoska, CMO at Chanty. “We also hope to educate our users not only about Chanty but also about communication and collaboration in the modern workplace.”

With a new website comes a new chapter in Chanty’s history. This launch is a major turning point for the exciting, technologically driven company as it provides a stronger foundation for all future business operations. The freshly redesigned website has been designed to motivate the company to keep striving for greatness, growth, and ongoing success one step at a time.

Chanty are not planning on slowing down anytime soon either, with new app integrations, language localizations, and other great developments being rolled out frequently.