You Can Now Use ChatGPT On The New Apple Vision Pro

ChatGPT has made its way into the 3D world, as announced by OpenAI on X, formerly Twitter.

The tweet from ChatGPT’s official account stated, “chat has now entered the 3D world. you can find it in the visionOS App Store.”

Apple Vision Pro: The Latest To Mixed Reality

Apple’s Vision Pro is a new way to experience spatial computing, as the digital and the physical worlds around you become one.

Users can experience this immersive environment using 3 of 5 of their their senses- eyes, hands, and voice- for seamless interactions.

The device’s design supports intuitive use, making activities you love more engaging and dynamic within a mixed reality setting.

Featuring Apple’s first 3D camera, Apple Vision Pro enables users to capture spatial photos and videos, adding a new dimension to reliving memories with the added depth of 3D.

Your existing photo and video library also gains new life, displayed at remarkable scales or wrapped around you for an immersive experience.

This technology creates a whole new way that you can consume content and transforms any room into a personal cinema, with Spatial Audio intensifying the feeling of being part of the action.

At the core of Apple Vision Pro’s innovation is visionOS, Apple’s first spatial operating system, which facilitates control through natural movements and voice commands.

Apps can occupy the physical space around you, unrestricted by traditional screens, allowing for a unique, customisable workspace.

This OS, built upon the foundations of macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, supports an infinite canvas for your apps and activities, shifting the way you work, play, and connect with content and people in a spatial computing environment.

The Intergration Of ChatGPT

This integration is the start of blending AI chat technology with the device’s environments, making ChatGPT accessible on the recently launched Apple headset.

Users can now interact with ChatGPT in a spatial computing context, offering a new dimension to AI conversations.

The Apple Vision Pro has set a standard for the development of mixed-reality technology, and with the equally innovative ChatGPT now available on this platform, users can engage with the AI using voice commands.

The addition of ChatGPT to this ecosystem enhances the device’s utility, bringing the convenience of AI-driven conversations to a more immersive interface.

How Does ChatGPT Work On Apple Vision Pro?

To use ChatGPT on Apple Vision Pro, users simply need to download the ChatGPT app from the VisionOS App Store.

This integration is a great way of providing a unique formats to engage with AI through both visual and auditory experiences.

Once installed, the app allows for voice interactions where users can ask questions aloud and receive spoken answers, enhancing the user experience with a more natural form of communication.

This setup hints at more possibilities to come, where ChatGPT could further make use of Vision Pro’s 3D and AR features to create even more immersive AI experiences.