10 Apple Vision Pro Alternatives

Apple’s recent entry into the VR market with the Vision Pro has undoubtedly set new standards and sparked innovation within the industry. With features like an external battery and a controller-free design, Apple has not only challenged the status quo but also expanded the possibilities of virtual and mixed reality.

The technical specifications reveal a powerful device, introducing spatial computing under the visionOS. Looking into alternatives to the Apple Vision Pro, it becomes apparent that these advancements have reshaped expectations and provided a benchmark for competitors to strive towards. This is true for virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality devices.


1. Meta Quest 3




The Meta Quest 3 is a state-of-the-art mixed reality headset with stunning graphics, 3D sound, and faster load times as you explore over 500 immersive apps and games. The package includes the Meta Quest 3 headset, two Touch Plus controllers, and a charging cable, all redesigned for optimal comfort.

Enjoy breakthrough mixed reality features, including virtual hangouts and social apps, creating a seamless blend of the virtual and physical worlds. Elevate your entertainment with this next-level device, perfect for gaming, fitness, socialising, and more.


2. PlayStation VR2



The PlayStation VR2 is a virtual reality experience powered by PlayStation®5. Witness 4K HDR visuals on two 2000×2040 OLED displays with a 110-degree field of view. The innovative Sense™ technology, including intelligent eye tracking and haptic feedback, enhances immersion.

Feel the rush with subtle headset vibrations and adaptive triggers on the Sense controller. Immerse yourself in lifelike worlds and unique gameplay interactions, making PlayStation VR2 a thrilling alternative to Apple Vision Pro. Experience the next dimension of play with Sony’s state-of-the-art virtual reality system.


3. PICO 4



Experience the future of virtual reality with the PICO 4 headset. Boasting a balanced and comfortable design, it ensures stability during use. The Pancake optical lens provides a clear, wide view, and the 4K+ Super-Vision Display delivers vivid images at a high refresh rate.

Enjoy precise tracking with 6DoF spatial positioning, while the Colour See Through feature eliminates real-world interference. PICO 4 offers fitness monitoring, HyperSense controllers, and immersive entertainment options, making it a top alternative to Apple Vision Pro. Step into a new dimension of VR with PICO 4’s advanced features.


4. XREAL Air 2 Ultra



The XREAL Air 2 Ultra is an AR headset designed for developers. With dual 3D environment sensors and precise tracking, it delivers an unparalleled spatial computing experience. The ultra-light titanium frame ensures comfort, and its electrochromic dimming adapts to different environments.

The advanced SDK, NRSDK 2.2, empowers developers to create immersive AR applications with features like hand tracking, spatial anchors, and more. XREAL Air 2 Ultra is a top alternative to Apple Vision Pro, offering a sleek design, high-quality display, and a vibrant developer community. Step into the future of spatial computing with XREAL.


5. VIVE XR Elite




VIVE XR Elite is an all-in-one VR headset with 6DoF controllers, featuring a convertible form factor for untethered freedom or PC VR connectivity. With precise tracking, vivid passthrough, and a sleek design, it offers a balanced, comfortable experience. Adjustable IPD and diopter dials ensure clear visuals, and it supports VIVE Streaming for PC VR gaming.

The lightweight headset includes powerful speakers and detachable battery cradle for enhanced portability. Ideal for immersive experiences, it stands out as a versatile alternative to Apple Vision Pro. Elevate your VR encounters with VIVE XR Elite’s advanced features.


6. HP Reverb G2



HP Reverb G2, a cutting-edge VR headset, developed in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft, offers unparalleled immersion for gaming, training, and design. Boasting mura-free LCD panels, it delivers ultra-sharp visuals with 2160 x 2160 resolution per eye.

The industry-leading lenses and Valve speakers provide exceptional audio-visual experiences. With adjustable IPD, ergonomic design, and improved tracking, it stands out as a robust alternative to Apple Vision Pro, ensuring a high-quality, comfortable, and compatible VR encounter. Elevate your virtual experiences with the HP Reverb G2’s exceptional features and performance.


7. Varjo XR-4



Varjo XR-4 Series sets a new standard for industrial mixed reality, blending cutting-edge technology with unparalleled visual fidelity. With 4K by 4K mini-LED displays, 120° x 105° field of view, and dual 20-megapixel cameras, it replicates true human vision.

The XR-4 boasts advanced sensor fusion, inside-out tracking, Varjo Controllers, and integrated speakers for optimal collaboration. The revolutionary optics, compatibility with professional 3D platforms, and configurable options make it a top alternative to Apple Vision Pro, delivering a superlative immersive experience for industrial applications. No subscription required.


8. Pimax Crystal



Pimax Crystal stands out as a high-clarity VR headset with state-of-the-art glass aspheric lenses, offering an unparalleled level of immersive virtual reality. Featuring QLED+Mini LED panels for a wider color gamut and purer black, it boasts the most pixels among VR headsets.

The angular design ensures balanced weight distribution for comfort. Pimax Crystal is favored by VR enthusiasts, offering an exceptional flight simulation experience with sharp, clear visuals. With through-the-lens pictures and optional eye tracking, it competes as a top alternative to Apple Vision Pro in the VR headset market.


9. XTAL 3



The XTAL 3 VR headset by VRgineers stands as a premier Apple Vision Pro alternative, designed specifically for pilot training. Boasting crystal-clear 8K resolution, it features a wide field of view up to 180° horizontal and 120° vertical, ideal for immersive simulations.

Customised corrective lenses cater to users with diopters, ensuring a comfortable experience. Integrated eye tracking and hand tracking enhance interaction, making it an unparalleled choice for aviation professionals, with endorsements from U.S. Naval Aviators and Eurofighter Typhoon Pilot Training leads. XTAL 3 VR is a high-performance, customisable solution for true-to-life virtual reality experiences.





DESTEK V5 VR Headset offers an immersive experience for iPhone and Android users, compatible with smartphones with a GYRO SENSOR. It comes with a Bluetooth Remote Controller for seamless gaming and eliminates the need to frequently handle the phone.

The headset accommodates eyeglasses, and its lightweight design ensures comfort during extended use. With a 110°FOV and anti-eye strain features, DESTEK V5 provides an excellent VR experience for users seeking an Apple Vision Pro alternative.