Company Successfully Implements 4-Day Work Week

Digital marketing agency, Reboot Digital PR, offers employees a 4-day work week after 702% in results over the past year.

4-Day Work Week Boosts Productivity & Mental Health

An Icelandic study proving that a 4-day week was not only viable, but actually beneficial in terms of productivity as well as mental health has been heralded as an ‘overwhelming success’. 

This inspired digital marketing agency Reboot Digital PR to take the leap and offer all employees at their creative agency the chance to work a 4-day week starting this week after a 702% increase in results and output across the entire company over the last year.

The 4-Day Week

Reboot’s aim of introducing the 4-day week is to improve the following metrics: performance, productivity, work-life balance and overall employee welfare. 

What’s involved? 

  • Working hours remain the same – employees do not work more hours Monday to Thursday

  • Salary does not change

  • Holidays and sick leave is not impacted

  • Flexible working options remain in place

The trial will be closely monitored over the course of several months, and to fully assess the impact, the following key metrics will be reported on.

Reboot aims to measure employee performance week on week, utilising inhouse KPIs. 4-day trial results will be compared to results from January 2021 until the trial ends.

Productivity will be assessed through the number of high and medium level metrics such as creative output, employee wellbeing, absence and client performance results.

Anonymous employee surveys will be carried out at several opportunities, as well as quarterly feedback surveys for a more general overview.

4-Day Week Hoped To Boost Employee Wellbeing

Shai Aharony, MD of Reboot Digital PR claims the move will drastically benefit employees’ health and wellbeing, whilst enhancing overall productivity:  

“In July 2021, the results of the Icelandic trial were published and what was particularly striking was that productivity had remained the same, if not improved. 

Being a data and research led marketing agency, this sort of innovation is in our DNA as a company. 4 day week  is a concept we had been thinking about for quite some time, but the prospect was a big step for the company, so it required a lot of strategic planning internally, as well as consultations with clients. 

What was interesting from the Icelandic trial, is that a 4-day week is not a revolutionary concept as more than 80% of businesses are already implementing this. It alleviated our anxieties and gave us the reassurance that this could work for us. 

Whilst a 4-day week is not viable for some businesses, we’re fortunate to work in a creative, and forward thinking industry, and I believe other agencies will also follow this concept, as we’re very much used to adapting quickly, ensuring accommodating this change was an easy one.

After all, the last 18 months has shed a light on a ‘new norm’.”