Hable Gives Staff Day Off for Mental Health Week

To celebrate Mental Health Week, we celebrate Hable who are giving their staff a designated day to spend in nature.


Mental Health Week


The Managing Director of a UK tech company has given ALL staff the day off on Thursday 13th, encouraging them to have some time away from the desk and get outdoors to enjoy nature.

Managing Director of Hable, Sean O’Shea, said he hopes the staff will take the opportunity to enjoy the day off and spend time away from screens, prioritising self care and mental health.

It comes as the UK recognises Mental Health Awareness Week, hosted by the Mental Health Foundation from 10 – 16th May. This year, the theme for the week is Nature, after it was recognised as being one of the key coping strategies for people whilst we were in lockdown.


Nature Theme


“It’s really important to me that our people are happy and healthy – both at work and outside of it,” says Sean O’Shea, aged 40, who has been open with the teams across Hable about his own mental health issues. “I have found getting outside really beneficial – it’s been a big thing for me. I often have walking meetings and I encourage everyone across the business to do the same.”


Prioritising Company Wellbeing


“When I saw that the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week was Nature, it seemed like a fantastic opportunity to really show everyone at Hable how much we care about their wellbeing. I’m really looking forward to hearing how everyone spends their day off, and am going to enjoy getting out myself with my family.”

Mark Reynolds, who works alongside Sean as the Founder and CEO of Hable, also highlighted the importance of ensuring his staff look after their mental health in a year that has been incredibly challenging for many of us.

“It’s been a really difficult time for everyone. Mental health is such an important topic right now,” says Mark, who is immensely proud of the open, honest culture that has been created at Hable. “I hope more companies across the country are treating the mental health of their staff as a real top priority.”