AI Technology to Boost Mental Health in New App

In an unprecedented global mental health crisis, Holly Health looks to combat anxiety, bad energy and mood disorders through AI technology with their new app. 


Personalised Health App

With our ever increasing pace of life, looking after how we feel, both physically and psychologically, has become a real challenge! Stress, anxiety and depression are common and rising, digestive health issues are becoming the norm, and avoidable chronic diseases are creating a larger health epidemic than Covid-19. But a new company, Holly Health, sets out to change this.

Holly, a friendly digital bird, has arrived to coach, guide and motivate millions of individuals to explore, achieve and maintain personalised health behaviours for their long term better health. Holly encourages little habits which boost mental health, sleep, nutrition and movement, around a busy lifestyle. Within weeks, users report better energy, mood and confidence, they start to love their life more than before.

The Holly app is structured around a proprietary AI recommender system to optimise personalisation, scalability and outcomes. Similar to how Netflix suggests our next TV show, and Spotify recommends the next playlist we should listen to, Holly’s recommender system picks out the behaviours, communications and motivational nudges which are most likely to be effective for the individual.


Initial Feedback

The early Holly beta service recorded extremely high retention, and exciting feedback. The Holly team achieved this by combining compassion, science, and technology. The team are psychology and product experts, and they are so far all women – a rare find in the software space!

They started working on Holly 15 months ago, but really this solution has had a 15 year build up. From teenage age, founders Grace & Dr. Claire started exploring how technology and psychological understanding could be combined for optimisation of human experience. Grace then spent a decade leading, building and scaling high growth businesses (including clocking two startup exits with Deliveroo and Scape Technologies). Claire skilled herself in software development, and formed a deep understanding of the human brain through a PhD in neuroscience. The combination of these backgrounds made for a rapid start to Holly product development. The Holly beta has so far helped to change the lives of people from over 25 countries!

In just a matter of weeks, the Holly Health mobile apps (iOS & Android) will be launched to consumers internationally. Additionally the team is excited to partner with public health, health insurance companies, and pharmaceuticals, in order to get the service to those who need it the most. Join the pre-launch campaign on the Holly Health website to be notified when the app is ready.