Dataform secures $2M in seed funding


Dataform, the UK-based data-insight company, recently announced the closure of their $2m seed round. Started by ex-Googlers, Dataform is on a mission to make manage data warehouses easier for businesses.

The round was led by LocalGlobe, but also saw participation from a number of unnamed angel investors. The startup graduated from the Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator in late 2018.

Dataform was co-founded by former Google employees Lewis Hemens and Guillaume-Henri Huon, and has set out to help data-rich companies in drawing insights from the data stored in data warehouses. Mining data traditionally takes a team of data engineers and analysts, but Dataform wants to simplify the process. The startup is aiming to make it faster and cheaper for businesses to harness their data assets.

“Businesses are generating more and more data that they are now centralising into cloud data warehouses like Google BigQuery, AWS Redshift or Snowflake. [However,] to exploit this data, such as conducting analytics or using BI tools, they need to convert the vast amount of raw data into a list of clean, reliable and up-to-date data sets,” said Dataform co-founder Guillaume-Henri Huon.

“Data teams don’t have the right tools to manage data in the warehouse efficiently. As a result, they have to spend most of their time building custom infrastructure and making sure their data pipelines work.”

Dataform solves this problem, offering a toolkit to manage data in data warehouses. Using Dataform new data sets can be built and set to update automatically every day, or even more frequently.  Single interface allows clients to manage the entire process and according to the startup, setting up a new data set can take as little as five minutes.

Dataform will use the seed funding to fuel their grow, in both sales and engineering teams. The funding will also help the startup further develop its product.