Democratising Access to Fine Art: Artscapy Launches Digital Platform

New art tech startup Artscapy receives £1M investment to launch a digital platform dedicated to fine art collecting. This £1M will help Artscapy revolutionise the art market and focus on the needs of collectors.


£1M Pre-Seed Funding

Artscapy, a new digital platform for art collectors, has raised £1M following two rounds of investment. Through attracting sophisticated investors and financial partners, including Oberon Private Ventures, and scaling up the growth strategy, the company has doubled its projected value and is set to revolutionise the art market.

They are working towards their vision to usher in the digital transformation and democratisation of the art world. Built by collectors, for collectors, Artscapy provides a complete set of services to meet every collector’s needs, based on the observations and problems the founders themselves faced in their decade-long collector journey so far.

The platform is augmented with analytics and charting tools to provide collectors with insights into the value of their collection and its evolution over time. The software uses end-to-end encryption to safely store and track information, and the quality and authenticity of the art is underpinned by certificates of authenticity and provenance on blockchain.

On their mission to make fine art collecting more accessible, Artscapy also offers engaging editorial content and forum discussions to facilitate the exchange of ideas and perceptions around contemporary art, creating a supportive and open community for art enthusiasts.


Next Steps

The funds raised have been used to launch the first stage of the platform’s functionality including a bespoke collection management system, a curated marketplace, and certification of authenticity and provenance on blockchain. With close to 1,000 collectors logging collections and participating in forum discussions, Artscapy is now adding specially selected galleries and expert art advisors to the platform. The next round of investment is planned for Q1 of 2022.

Artscapy developed as an idea during the summer of 2020 and was incorporated on 1 October 2020 by Alessandro and Emilia De Stasio, a married couple with a shared vision to democratise access to fine art. As passionate art collectors themselves, with business and finance backgrounds, they observed a lack of digital tools and support for collectors and encountered obstacles in accessing fine art, as they embarked on their collecting journey. The Artscapy platform was created to address the barriers that exist in the art market and is designed entirely around collectors’ needs.

“We are on a journey to make the fine art market more accessible and democratic, supporting the future of the art world. As collectors ourselves, it took 10 years to start to get our head around the art market, learning a lot of lessons the hard way. On Artscapy, every collector – regardless of their journey – will find a transparent, safe, and trusted environment where they can nurture and grow their collection.” – Alessandro and Emilia De Stasio

“At Oberon Private Ventures, before investing in ideas we invest in people. Emilia and Alessandro are fantastic entrepreneurs and their vision is incredibly clear. I’m so proud to work with them and support an industry that is behind the digitalisation curve and is ripe for innovation using the best technology available. These Founders are part of a new generation of collectors that wants to define new dynamics and remove opacity from the market. I can see how exciting this journey will be and I’m thrilled with this partnership between Artscapy and Oberon Private Ventures.” – James Phillips, Head of Oberon Private Ventures.

Artscapy has recently developed a bespoke, first of its kind ‘collector to collector’ marketplace, where each artwork listed for sale has undergone due diligence to make private sales transparent and safe. The marketplace is now live.