DigiPlex Offers Data With Sustainability At The Core

DigiPlex strives to be a first-class data centre with a difference. With sustainability at the heart of everything they do, they ensure that all their customers adopt a green way of living, due to every single one of their data centres running on 100% renewable electricity.


3 New Data Centres


In the midst of Covid, DigiPlex was able to open three new data centres in just over 12 months. Thanks to these new sites, they were able to add over 6,000m2 of white space and 12MW capacity to their clients just as their needs were growing fast. In addition, they secured land in Norway, Denmark and Sweden to further expand their footprint.


25% Headcount Growth

Building and operating at such pace also meant that they needed to invest quickly in staff and expand the team. In 2020, even though staff were working from home in most cases, DigiPlex recruited and grew their employee base by 25%, providing extensive remote training.

Not only were they able to fill all the vacant positions, they were able to maintain and strengthen their corporate culture across the growing headcount. So much so, that despite the major influx of new employees, DigiPlex remained a 2021 Great Place to Work. In fact, they reached the top ten of the Norway Best Places to Work index.


Focus on Sustainability

Despite all the internal changes happening in the company, DigiPlex stayed loyal to their commitment to sustainability. In January 2021 they joined the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact – a pan-European self-regulating commitment to improve sustainability across the industry. This means that DigiPlex is committed to building concrete measures to increase efficiency, lower water usage and CO2 emissions and tackle IT waste.

Additionally, they extended their commitment to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with their involvement in a pioneering UNICEF programme to support women and children in Côte d’Ivoire by recycling plastics to make bricks to build schools. Their initial commitment is for 3 years in which time they hope to help UNICEF deliver over 500 classrooms for 25,000 children.