Digital Detox: The Apps Brits Are Desperate To Escape From

More people in Britain want to delete their Instagram account than any other, new research has revealed. Close behind are Facebook and Snapchat.


Revealed: Apps Brits Most Want To Delete

The study by internet experts analysed the number of monthly Google searches in the UK for terms related to deleting accounts to see what platforms Brits want a detox from.

It found that media sharing social network Instagram was the platform people wanted to delete themselves from the most, with more than 321,000 searches a month from users wishing to do so. Recently, Instagram came under fire and was accused of copying other competing platforms like TikTok after big changes were made to the app, with some of these changes now being reversed.


The Facebook Love Affair Is Over

Facebook takes second place, with more than 82,000 searches a month in the UK. At the end of 2021, Facebook saw its first-ever decline in the number of daily users using the platform and a 1% decline in revenue in the last quarter of 2022.

With more than 73,000 searches a month for information on deleting accounts, Snapchat takes third place. In July of 2022, Snap, Snapchat’s parent company, announced that they would be debuting Snapchat for Web, the first ever web version of the app since its initial release in 2011.


Ditching Dating Apps

Plenty of Fish takes fifth place, with more than 23,000 searches around deleting accounts made every month in the UK. It’s the only dating app in the top ten, with Tinder narrowly missing out in 12th place with 8,500 searches.


Boycotting Amazon

Online marketplace Amazon comes in eighth place on the list, with 13,000 searches from people wanting to delete their accounts every month. Amazon recently announced that it was increasing the cost of its Amazon Prime service by £1 a month in the UK, with annual memberships shooting up from £79 to £95.  There has also been a rise in consumers looking for more ethical shopping solutions which might explain the shift away from Amazon.


Wanted: Digital Detox

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson from VPNOverview said: “It’s interesting to see the contrast of platforms on the list, and how it’s not just social media that people want a cleanse from following controversies around privacy and data collection. Platforms offering subscription services like Amazon are also taking a hit, with the rising cost of living meaning many Brits are having to cut corners on things they use every day.”

The study was conducted by, cybersecurity experts dedicated to helping internet users feel safer and protected online.


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