Gener8: Dragon Den’s Best Pitch Ever

Gener8 has been coined the “best pitch” of Dragon’s Den with the pitch for the free-to-use web browser going viral since it aired last Thursday.

Viral Business Pitch

Touker Suleyman saw “the best pitch” he’s ever witnessed in the Den on Thursday, 22nd of April, when entrepreneur, Sam Jones, asked the Dragons to invest £60k for 10% equity in his company, Gener8. The video of Sam’s pitch is going viral with nearly 10m views so far.

Gener8 is a free-to-use web browser that lets people take back control and earn from their online data; something Peter Jones said is more than a business. The Dragon said Gener8 is leading a change.

Sam walked away with all the money he’d asked for and no negotiation was necessary after four Dragons fought it out in the Den. Deborah Meaden and Tej Lalvani both offered Sam exactly what he’d asked for; matching the proposal from Peter Jones. Suleyman aimed to sweeten the deal by offering free office space in addition to the money. After thinking it over in traditional fashion at the back of the room, Sam opted to take investment from Suleyman and Jones, who agreed to pair up.


What is Gener8?


Gener8 lets people choose to keep their data private or earn from it themselves whilst browsing online. By selecting ‘Privacy Mode’ the user can stop companies from tracking them, or the ‘Rewards Mode’ means that person can share their data with Gener8 to monetise it for them.

When a person chooses to earn from their data, they’re given their own profile where they select what they’re interested in. This information is used to tailor the adverts they see online, so that all ads are based on their interests.

People then receive points whenever they see an advert or any time their data is used. These points can be redeemed for products, vouchers or donations to charity in Gener8’s marketplace. The average person earns between £5 – £25 in rewards per month, with thousands of pounds being donated to charities which are changed on a monthly basis.

Future Potential

Sam Jones, founder of Gener8, said: “A lucrative industry has been built from exploiting our data – it’s an open secret that advertisers are taking advantage of us online. Everything we do on the internet is being tracked. Companies are collecting our data and selling it to the highest bidder, but we receive nothing in return.

“Gener8 is the solution to change that, and I’m delighted to have the backing of Touker and Peter whose passion, experience and expertise can help us reach the next level.”

Following Sam’s time in the Den, Suleyman said about his investment: “Sam is fantastic. He came across as one of the best entrepreneurs I’ve ever seen in the Den, pitching perfectly and making it a very simple decision for me. The industry excites me on the basis that it’s a new sector and is empowering everyone to take control of their data.”

Since the start of the pandemic, Gener8 has supported the NHS by showing more than 15,000,000 Stay at Home and other informational ads to its users, free-of charge.