Earn Up To £5,000 From Your Unloved Tech

New analysis shows exactly how much you could be earning from the unloved gadgets accumulating dust in your drawers.


Collect Cash, Not Dust


As new smartphones and computers are released yearly, when upgrading we rarely take notice of old tech gadgets simply collecting dust in our drawers. However, now may be the perfect time for you to take a closer look, as collectors are spending thousands on nostalgic tech that’s extremely hard to find.

The experts at Case24.com were keen to investigate the most valuable classic tech that could be worth thousands. To carry out the data, Case24.com collated a list of classic tech items which could be of value today. Using this list, Case24.com took to eBay to find out how much the most expensive nostalgic tech has sold for, revealing the most valuable.


Highest Earning Tech


The nostalgic tech gadget that could earn you up to £5,100 is the classic Nintendo 64. The Nintendo 64 was released 25 years ago, and although Nintendo have launched similar consoles such as the Nintendo Switch in 2017, what holds the most value are the rare tech items which are almost impossible to find in 2021 due to scarcity.

Case24.com found that when the Nintendo 64 originally released in 1996, it retailed for only £93, whereas now in 2021, you can expect to see an impressive 98% increase and £5,002 profit over 25 years.

The second most valuable nostalgic tech gadget is  Bakelite phones, having sold on eBay for £3,877. The factors affecting the price would be colour, year, brand, and condition.

Next up in third is the Hewlett Packard HP-01 Calculator Watch which sold for £2,895 in 2021. When this calculator watch was released in 1977, it sold for £362 which is an amazing 87% increase and £2,533 profit over 44 years.


Top Tips for Maximising the Value of Your Tech


Case24.com have provided some useful top tips to help maximise the value of your tech:

  1. Keep the original packaging, as this will help to identify whether the tech item is a classic or a later edition. Furthermore, some collectors only purchase the item if it comes with its original packaging for added value and authenticity.
  2. If your tech is rare and limited, keep it in the best condition possible, by boxing it away carefully or for example keeping out of sight of children. This could add an extra few hundred pounds to the value.
  3. Don’t settle for the first offer you receive. There are various online selling sites which could offer you more – shop around!
  4. Even if your device isn’t in full working order, there are still ways to sell it. Usually your best bet is to get it repaired, then sell the item in a good working condition to increase its value.
  5. And most importantly… DON’T SELL TOO SOON! Waiting a few years could increase your profit by 50%.