EE Aiming for Total 5G Coverage in UK by 2028

EE have announced that customers will be able to receive 5G anywhere in the UK by 2028. They have also announced that half the population will be able to receive 5G in two years’ time. However, this coincides with the recent announcement by EE that they will also be reintroducing roaming charges for UK customers in Europe.

5G follows previous generation of mobile technology such as 3G, which led to the launch of smartphones and 4G. this enabled faster browsing, allowing customers to go on their phones as if they would in their own home. 5G offers greater speed then 4G and not only that, it allows thousands of devices to be connected at the same time in a small area. This is a new addition because with 3 and 4G connection you were unable to use mobile data when there are thousands of people in a small, enclosed area.

EE have also said that they aim to add 4,500 square miles of new rural 4G coverage by 2025. They have also said that its 5G network, would grow to cover half the UK population by early 2023, this is four years ahead of the governments ambition. EE have also said that 3G services will come to an end in the next two years. They are doing this because if everyone in the UK is to have access to 4 and 5G services then there is no point in customers to have access to 3G as it is not good enough.

EE claims that 5G will cover the entire UK by 2028, but while 90% of the UK will be covered by the permanent network, the remainder will be covered by “on demand solutions”. This may include portable cells, which is a device that could fit into a backpack and provide 5G connection. EE have also suggested that drones might be provided for on demand coverage.

How Does This Benefit EE Customers and EE Itself?

This would benefit EE customers because they will be able to use their mobile phones outside of their homes at a quicker speed, they are also able to use their phones in public when there are thousands of people in one area. EE are able to benefit from this because they will be able to attract more customers because they will have 5G coverage everywhere in the country, which is an attractive standpoint for their customers. This will also help them with their competition against competitors.

EE are yet to announce the cost of this to their customers, but it is predicted that this will be expensive for customers.