Elon Musk Sued By Former Twitter Execs For Over £100 Million

Elon Musk’s lead at now X, has brought in yet another high-profile legal dispute. The company’s previous executives, including ex-CEO Parag Agrawal and CFO Ned Segal, have filed a lawsuit claiming unpaid severance of about £100 million.

After Musk’s takeover, completed with a £35 billion deal, these executives were removed from their positions. The former executives expressed the motives about the move in their legal claim, alleging that he “simply fired” them while giving no reason.


Why Are They Suing?


The crux of the lawsuit lies in the claim that Musk fired these executives without valid reason, fabricating charges of “gross negligence and willful misconduct” to avoid severance payments.

The legal dispute, described by the lawyers representing the aggrieved parties as “the Mr Musk playbook,” referring at a broader pattern of alleged financial irresponsibility. “Musk doesn’t pay his bills, believes the rules don’t apply to him,” states the lawsuit.


Which Past Incidents Are The Lawsuits Referring To?


The below are recaps of just some of the other incidents that the lawsuit may be reffering to when it comes to Musk’s financial and staff management:


Unpaid Bonuses: Musk faces legal action for allegedly failing to pay promised annual bonuses to X employees, exceeding about £3.9 million in total claims.

Skipping Rent: Landlords have sued X for not paying rent for its headquarters and other locations, amounting to millions in unpaid dues.

Mass Layoffs: Musk’s acquisition of Twitter led to significant staff reductions, with a lawsuit alleging discriminatory layoffs affecting female employees more than males.

Parental Leave Policy Changes: Reduction in parental leave policy under Musk’s management, leading to employee dissatisfaction.


How Has X Responded?


The response from Musk and X remains pending as the situation unfolds. Meanwhile, the legal and public relations battle continues to rage, with the former executives pointing to a lack of factual basis for their termination. “Without citing a single fact in support of this claim,” they contest their firing in the lawsuit filed in California.

Since Musk’s takeover, X has faced many big incidents and difficulties thereof, including mass layoffs and declining ad revenue. Advertisers like Apple and Disney have pulled back, influenced by the controversial changes and statements from Musk himself.

Musk accused advertisers of trying to ‘blackmail’ him and the platform has seen a massive drop in UK visitors, with Ofcom reporting a loss of almost 3 million users post-takeover.

The allegations extend beyond just the severance pay. The plaintiffs argue that Musk’s decisions reflect a disregard for contractual obligations and standard business practices. “Under Musk’s control, Twitter has become a scofflaw,” the lawsuit alleges, accusing him of stifling “employees, landlords, vendors, and others.”

The legal proceedings will unfold in the courts, but the impact of this dispute goes into the matters of business ethics, employee rights, and corporate governance. As the former executives put it, this is not just about severance but about holding Musk accountable to the same standards as others in similar positions.