Emerging Trends in E-Cig Technology

For the last decade, the vaping and e-cig industry has been facing a significant transition. The industry’s key players are coming up with some new products, vaping styles, and devices, which have made the industry popular than before. Vaping is today a common word in most developed countries. As healthcare providers and governments come up with laws restricting vaping, players in this industry are coming up with new trends to make vaping clean before millions of users. Every year there is always something new to talk about in the e-cig industry and there are various emerging trends to look out for.

Reduced Size of Vaping Devices 

One common trend in the e-cig industry is the invention of smaller vaping devices. As technology keeps advancing, manufacturers in this industry are now coming up with the smallest vaping devices. Today you are likely to pass someone without noticing them using a vaping device.

Manufacturers are now applying R&D to come up with more sophisticated and powerful vaping devices. Vape pens and pod mods are a perfect example of how manufacturers adopt the compact and minimalist approach. The majority of smokers adopt AIO vaping devices in 2020 because they are more powerful, portable, and efficient. The consumption of minimalist design for vaping devices is rising, especially in countries where vaping is very common, like the US and the UK.

Nicotine Salts are Becoming More Popular 

Another trend that is becoming more popular in the vaping industry is the use of nicotine salts. Nicotine, a compound of acids, bases, and pure nicotine, is becoming a popular product in the vaping market.

Most people prefer nicotine salt because it has a lower acidity or PH value and a higher nicotine concentration than most tobacco products. Because nicotine salt provides a similar feeling and taste like tobacco, most people who intend to quit smoking would go for it. Nicotine salt has become one of the latest trends in this industry, at least for 2020, and we can expect it to stay for long. No study or research has come forth to point at any side effects of using nicotine salt, making it even more popular in the vaping community.

Flavored E-cigs 

Generally, there is always an increasing demand for flavoured e-cigs, and we can expect that to remain in the coming years. Some countries and states have revised their laws to legalise flavoured e-cigs making the product more popular. Most people thought that flavoured e-cigs were going to be illegal before 2020. However, since players in this industry are coming up with unique e-cig flavors, we can expect it to be around for some time. The existence of a wide variety of flavoured e-cigs has lured millions of tobacco smokers to vaping.

The Emergence of Bluetooth Controlled Vaping Devices

Manufacturers in the vaping industry are doing all they can to make their products more usable. They are becoming more innovative. Today, there are vaping devices in the market that you can control via Bluetooth. All you have to do is connect the device to your smartphone, give it some commands, and check the status as you continue enjoying it. Smartphone controlled vaping devices provide consistent performance, are more user-friendly, and a bit faster than conventional devices. Despite being costly, most people still admire them because of their unique integration.

Production of Dry Herb Vape Tanks 

Manufacturers in the vaping industry are now more flexible to avoid running into losses. The increasing regulations in the manufacturing and use of vaping products make it necessary for players to develop products that they believe will make them realise ROI in the shortest time. The emergence of dry herb vape tanks and CBD products indicates how far companies are willing to go.

The production of CBD and dry herb tank is a bit risky. However, some states in the United States have legalised it. Vaping companies are now producing dry herb tanks in large amounts, and most people consider this a risky business. There is a looming ban on producing these harmful products, and companies in the vaping industry are bound to lose billions.

Stiff Regulations in the Vaping Industry

Despite vaping growing in popularity, it faces stiff regulations from governments and authorities looking forward to reducing its popularity. In recent years, some unfortunate events have been reported in countries where vaping is popular. For instance, the emergence of EVALI, a vaping related illness, has caused havoc in the industry.

Today, the FDA and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention are on the move to establish the cause of EVALI and its relationship with vaping. The FDA has conferred some regulations to curb the use of tobacco products and vaping devices. We can expect an increase in regulations to limit vaping soon.

In the UK and other developed countries, youths are the most affected cohort in using vaping products. Because of the widespread vaping in 2020, we should be ready for more regulations and sanctions that target reducing vaping popularity, especially amongst the youthful population.

The e-cig industry is facing positive and negative growth. Most companies are adopting the latest technology to develop more user-friendly vaping devices, which makes vaping more lucrative to most smokers. The use of nicotine salts and small-sized vaping devices is one of the most popular vaping industry trends.

The belief that vaping is a bit ‘healthy’ and can help most tobacco smokers quit smoking makes vaping devices grow in popularity. There is an increase in demand for vaping products, and those in the industry are earning a fortune. The e-cig industry trends are quite fickle and chopping, given the states’ increasing regulations to curb vaping. While vaping is still here to stay, you should monitor the trends mentioned here if you look forward to investing in this industry.